The Grizzly Awards: A Note From The Founders

The Grizzly Awards: A Note From The Founders

Grizzly community! Your founders here. As our incredible friends and fellow lovers of this music, we wanted to update you all on where The Grizzly Awards stands as we start 2024.

At this time, The Grizzly Awards will be going on a hiatus of undetermined length. Over the past four years, we have celebrated growth, purpose, and joy beyond what we ever could have hoped for when we started this event. We have also navigated the realities of a massive workload, constant challenges with funding, and grave personal crises in each of our lives as founders.

The challenges have been absolutely worth the payoff of getting to celebrate those who make life-changing music. But as this year begins and we evaluate what it means to be healthy as individuals and as a community, through so much heartfelt prayer and discernment, we’ve determined to place The Grizzly Awards on hold for now. In its present form, it’s not sustainable for us as a team.

This does not necessarily mean the end of The Grizzly Awards. And it also absolutely does not mean the end of our opportunities to celebrate and support artists! If you have an artist who released music you loved in 2023, we’d urge you to tell your friends about them. Message the band your story of how much the music changed you. Buy a t-shirt. Best yet, go to a show and sing along. In doing each of these things, you’re keeping The Grizzly Awards alive.

It has been the greatest honor to provide a framework for you all to express your love for this life-changing music. Each one of us continues to be a fierce advocate for and believer in faith-based rock and roll.

Here’s to the life change that continues.

With love,
Mary Nikkel, Joel Burris, Cindy Blankenship, Trevor Tyson

From all of us at JesusWired, thank you The Grizzly Awards for everything you did to breathe life back into the dry bones of the Christian rock & metal. We love you guys and hope to see you roaring back into our lives in the future! 

Head to their post on Facebook here to leave your love and support for them.

We’ll leave you with this spine tingling intro to last year’s Grizzly Awards from Mary Nikkel… 

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