The Way of Cain - New EP John 17:3 [Free Download]

The Way of Cain – New EP John 17:3 [Free Download]

The Way of Cain is primarily a studio band, made up of lifelong mates, Adam Wilkie (Guitar) and Clinton Johannes (Vocals, Guitar). The duo also enlisted the Bass guitar talents of good friend Ben Hobbs (Hobbsy, Smoking Joker). This Freshman EP release from Australian and American based band The Way of Cain features 5 diverse songs that showcase the band’s creative approach to songwriting. The title ‘John 17:3’, is a verse from the Bible that the band believes is the purpose for all mankind, to know Jesus Christ.

Lyrically, this EP highlights the biblical prophecies regarding the end of days and the return of Jesus. Above all, this EP challenges us all to really know Jesus and lay down our lives to follow Him in penitent obedience. With all this said, are we penitently obeying the commands of Jesus or have we gone the way of Cain?

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