VERIDIA Make Important Announcement

VERIDIA Make Important Band Announcement

Deena Jakoub from popular rockers VERIDIA has just posted the following statement on their social…

A Decade of VERIDIA…
These last 10 years have encapsulated some of my most precious memories as well as the most difficult moments of my life. Without the relationships that made VERIDIA possible, I don’t know how I would’ve personally gotten through so much.

As time goes by, it’s been more and more apparent that it’s time for VERIDIA to take a break. The last couple years rendered challenges, responsibilities, and mental and physical health needs that have taken precedence. It doesn’t mean it will be forever, but with as much dedicated support as VERIDIA has received, it hasn’t afforded me the ability to dedicate the time I have in the past.

I have been dreaming of what it might look and sound like to release music on my own for the first time… I am in a season of reinvention, self-reflection, redefining purpose and challenging my self-confidence… To believe in all that I am capable of despite adversity. Hopefully all my ventures will serve one another and I can soon continue creating the music that’s pounding in my heart.

If you have been to a show, funded, produced or engineered, performed in, shared a stage with, managed, or supported VERIDIA in any way… Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for being an inspiration and an integral part of my life and my childhood dreams come to fruition. I am so proud of what we accomplished together.

I have one more song, “When the Moon Dies” to be released here in the near future as a Thank You and a farewell-for-now…Stay tuned!

This was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve ever had to make, but I really do believe that if you love something or someone and it becomes too painful to hold onto, letting go is the kindest thing you can do, and if it’s really meant for you, you’ll find your way back. I am sad, but grateful… A little bit scared, but very hopeful… It’s time to heal and embrace uncertainty and the adventures that wait on the other side!

I have SO much love and gratitude for you all…


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