Ian Yates Releases Battlelands EP + Ian Yates Releases We'll Be Alright & Ian Yates' Prodigal Son Inspired Home Single Out Now

Ian Yates Drops Drop in the Ocean Today

‘Drop in the Ocean’ is the first single release from Ian Yates forthcoming 4 track EP ‘Battlelands Vol. 2’. Taking a departure from the more chilled vibe of his previous 2 albums, ‘Drop In the Ocean’ see’s Ian return to a more indie rock sound as found on his earlier work. In fact the EP is really a follow up to his 2019 ‘Deconstruction Vol. 1’ release.

‘Drop in the Ocean’, is a song of hope and being content not knowing everything. It’s about  realising that as you get older you actually know less than you thought you did. It’s about coming to the realisation of those who you thought had the answers maybe didn’t.

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Source: 7 Core Music