Song Therapy: Trip Lee - Sweet Victory: Pressing On Through Breaking Points

Song Therapy: Trip Lee – Sweet Victory: Pressing On Through Breaking Points

Music has a knack of saying the words we can’t, it has the ability to break through barriers and amplify our cries for help and provide cathartic healing through those gutteral painful cries. When no one understands, music understands. When no one listens to you, music listens. When no one steps in to help you, music helps. 

As I look ahead to this next season of JesusWired and spend time with God figuring out what we’re meant to focus on, I know one thing for sure. I want us to focus more on music with real meaning to it, to highlight that meaning and use it to impact people’s lives. And judging by listening to God’s nudge in writing this article, this column may just be the next step towards achieving that aim.

Every week on my train ride home from my weekly homegroup I spend some time thinking through what we we’ve been talking about that night, the topic, the things people shared, what resonated and challenged us all the most, and I spend some time thinking and praying about a song to do with all of that, and then I share it with them. If a friend is struggling with something and I know of some music which could help them with that, I share it with them. And often they find encouragement in and through that.

Our church is currently doing a leadership course on alternate weeks with multiple homegroups coming together in the church to learn different aspects of leadership (it’s phenomenal!). Part of tonight was talking through being aware of the cracks, our weaknesses, in the key parts of leadership (inc character, values & gifts) and how to guard against those (inc the word & the spirit, accountability, submission, pressing through the breaking points, response to suffering). And it’s those last two points which inspired me to share Trip Lee’s powerful Sweet Victory music video with everyone…

we gon’ make it to the finish….Yeah, we still runnin’ even though we limpin’

Life throws many “breaking points” at us on a daily basis, portrayed beautifully by the worn down and under further attack car Trip’s driving in the video. Whether they be small breaking points like spilling coffee down yourself seconds before an important meeting, to the bigger ones of losing a loved one, they all weigh us down and have the potential to break and derail us from the unique race we’re running. But it’s pushing through those breaking points is where we’ll find sweet victory…

I’ll survive ’cause I got Sweet victory, Nobody can take it from me!

And our “response to the suffering” as Christians? The Sweeeeet Victory we have in Christ Jesus. We just need to “submit” and hold on to the Truth that God’s already won the war. Death has been defeated, our sin’s already been taken care of and we’ll triumph over darkness with Jesus through His Sweet Victory on the cross.

No matter what breaking points you may currently be facing, may you hold onto God’s Sweet Victory, and the encouragement found in this wonderful song by Trip Lee, Dimitri McDowell & Leah Smith and beautifully shot music video, as you limp on towards the finish line…

If you are currently struggling with something specific and don’t know any music to help you with it, please contact me through this contact form with the subject “song therapy”, let me know what you’re struggling with and I’ll see if I can find some music to recommend to you (no guarantees!). Maybe I could share that music here to aide others struggling with the same things if you were on board with that (you’d remain anonymous unless you wanted otherwise!).

I’ve no idea how often this column will be updated or what this column will become, that’s in God’s hands, but I’m excited to see where it goes! See you sometime for the next Song Therapy…

PS. Trip Lee’s new album The Epilogue. is out now and it’s awesome! Listen here & follow Trip on Instagram here.