Juzo Releases Second Official EP 'DYSTOPIA 02'

Juzo Releases Second Official EP ‘DYSTOPIA 02’

Two years after the release of ‘ANIMA 01’, Asian-American Seattle artist Juzo releases the sequel to its predecessor, his second official EP ‘DYSTOPIA 02’.

After focusing most of 2023 building his music collective ONSIGHT and featuring his digital art pieces across various countries such as Singapore and Dubai, Juzo returns to showcase a sci-fi/cyberpunk inspired project that holds six total tracks, including the intro song ‘the fallen / N-01R 魂’ which incorporates sixteen additional artists, a synthwave banger titled ‘Monster’ featuring house/hyperpop artist shxrda, and a worship-esque ballad in ‘idols:re’.

DYSTOPIA 02 is a melancholic and vulnerable body of work that authentically displays Juzo’s struggles with faith and life. Many of the topics that get touched upon in this EP range from dealing with his sense of bitterness, grief over lost dreams/desires, and a debilitating season of depression.

“There is no “happy ending” in this story that I’m sharing, rather it’s a lamentation formed by the harsh realities we live in. However, I’d like to believe that despite all the misery I’ve experienced I’ll still be able to find a glimmer of hope.” – Juzo

Coupled with captivating animated visuals and an ambient style of production, Juzo once again brings about a heartfelt project that will resonate with the struggles of many.

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