The Rock Pastor, Rikki Doolan returns with exciting brand-new single thankful for his life transformation

The Rock Pastor, Rikki Doolan returns with exciting brand-new single thankful for his life transformation

Gospel Rock n Roll artist Rikki Doolan, fondly known as ‘The Rock Pastor’ is releasing his latest single, a song of gratitude, entitled ‘You Are Good’ – a fitting follow-up, and almost a continuation of his previous autobiographical hit song “Turned It Around’ which detailed his decade long total life transformation.

Rikki Doolan recently shared his unique and thrilling story of his life going from being a homeless busker hooked on a Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle of drugs and alcohol to being an established church Pastor and Gospel music artist. Doolan described his transformation as nothing, but a miracle and his story has been making waves across the world as a story of hope and possibility. Doolan says: “I am so amazed and encouraged at the response to my turn around story. My singular hope is that it reaches the ears, hearts, and minds of those that may be struggling and feel like there is no way out. I have experienced suicide and self-destruction even in my family, and if I tell you the very truth, I was so close to that myself. My story hopefully will shine a light for those that need to rise from the darkness. My new song ‘You Are Good’ expresses my deepest gratitude for the critical help I received to rise from the ashes myself.”

The music video accompanying the release of ‘You Are Good’ was shot in Lincolnshire, where Doolan now resides, and opens with him enjoying life with his now wife, and mother of two children, arriving in a purple Lamborghini sports car. Whilst some may find it controversial for a ‘Rock’ Pastor to drive a Lamborghini Doolan has a different outlook, he says: “10 years ago when I was homeless, broke, and busted on the streets of Manchester. When it looked like it was the end of the road for me, I could never have imagined I would have a beautiful wife and children, a life that was full of joy, and I certainly never could have imagined being sat in a Lamborghini never mind driving one. Material objects are not the do all and end all, far from it, in fact your spirit and soul are far more important, but I wanted to celebrate my turn around story with a beautiful car to go with the beautiful life I have humbly been blessed with, as well as inspire billions around the world, that there is simply no situation that cannot be turned around!.”

‘The Rock Pastor’ is also planning to release his second studio album later this year on October 14th, entitled ‘You’. He will be releasing it with a special album release live gig in Tottenham, London and is encouraging everyone to come and be a part of it, he said: “This concert is for everyone, it’s a concert of hope and love, a celebration of hope and love, and it is set to be a meeting point for anyone who is at the door of despair and wants to find a way out. I am most looking forward to meeting people there, and my hope is that some people may see it as the start of their journey to total turn around.

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