Tedashii releases “Dead Or Alive Pt. 1,” the first EP of a series he intends to rollout over the coming months.

Listen to “Dead Or Alive Pt. 1” here.

Throughout his life and this rollout, Tedashii has been vocal about the various trials and tribulations he’s endured from losing his 1 year old son, Chase, to more recently, the serious fall he took backstage on the We Are Unashamed Tour. He’s always felt attacked by the enemy in a spiritual and in many cases literal way and through that journey has learned to survive.

“Dead or Alive Pt. 1,” is the first of a series of EP’s where Tedashii’s vulnerably sharing the various ways he has “fought for his life” and what he has learned in that process. With features from Aha Gazelle, Richdanfamous, Lecrae, Trip Lee and more, this project is a lyrically introspective and sonically ground shaking offering from Tedashii speaking to the hardship he’s lived through and the desire that remains in him to keep going and obtain all that God’s has for his life.

“At several points in my own life, I’ve felt crushed under the weight of so many hardships and I’ve even attempted to end it all. It was in that moment I was faced with a choice, to live or die. Dead Or Alive is my journey of choosing to live, while saying to the listener what I said to myself: Dead or Alive, you decide,” says Tedashii.

On Monday of this week he released this video, symbolizing the struggle he’s endured. This video was a visual representation of the artwork for his new EP showing the dichotomy of Life and Death. Designed by Kevin Hackett, you see an illuminating white light on one side of Tedashii’s face amidst darkness and laser sights aimed at his head from another.

Alongside the release of the new EP, Tedashii posted this performance video on his social media to the single “VICTORY LAP” leaning into the imagery of the lap a nascar driver takes after winning a race and symbolizing the victory Tedashii feels at this moment in his life. “Life is a choice you must choose. The victory I feel after having consecutive days of choosing life is indescribable. Even in the midst of facing so much hardship and enemies I feel victorious, because I choose to live,” says Tedashii.

Consisting of mostly raps and hard hitting 808s, this project shows Tedashii in a bag that his fans haven’t seen from him in a minute. He is very much the rapper that people grew to know him as in his earlier days as an artist, and this is just the start.

Whether it was on “Below Paradise” or more recently on his latest EP, “This Time Around 2,” Tedashii has always been vulnerable about everything he’s gone through in the hopes that it would become someone else’s song. He has become a beacon of hope for those going through tough times themselves and continues to do the same walking into this new season.

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