Flyleaf's Last Scheduled Reunion Show at Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2023

Flyleaf’s Last Scheduled Reunion Show at Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2023

The rock band Flyleaf just played their last scheduled reunion show at the secular “Blue Ridge Rock Festival” in Alton, VA on September 8th. Check out some of the photos of their set below taken by yours truly!

Anxiety, Faith, and Prayer

On the previous day (September 7th) at BRRF the night ended early because of a massive thunder/hailstorm, making all of us miss out on many of the bands scheduled for the day. That storm led to unsafe conditions at the festival. The day of September 8th had a rain forecast and I was worried after the previous night’s craziness. It remained a beautiful (if not very hot) sunny day until about a little over an hour before Flyleaf were to take the stage at 6:40. I was sitting in the media area, and I was just about to start getting ready for Flyleaf when the media team was told to get our things together and head out, that it was possibly another evacuation situation due to a thunderstorm warning on the radar heading for us. One of the people I talked to seemed to think it was pretty much a definite that they would evacuate. We later learned that they were keeping anyone else from coming in as well. But at this point bands were still playing on stage, and I didn’t want to evacuate to my car in case Flyleaf still took the stage. Instead, a new media friend graciously came with me to the main gate. We stayed on the grounds with the knowledge we would leave if the crowds started heading out as well. Dark clouds had rolled in, and the wind started to pick up off and on. I was extremely anxious, but I also knew the power of God. I started praying in my head for a while, taking breaks to talk to my new friend. I also posted on my personal facebook page asking friends to pray as well. I remember praying that it could shine His glory to so many if it skipped right over us, revealing what only He can do. Of course, I wanted to photograph Flyleaf (immensely), but more importantly, I wanted everyone to hear the lyrics of their songs and the words of wisdom from Lacey Sturm at this festival.

It was getting closer to Flyleaf’s set, the wind and the clouds still looked iffy, and I felt like I was being pushed to pray out loud. The only times I pray out loud is when I’m praying with children. It’s not natural for me to do so of my own accord around adults, especially around people I barely know (having just met my new friend the previous day). But I felt called to, so I asked him if it would be okay, and he said he was cool with it. So I listened to the prompting and prayed out loud with my friend. It wasn’t too long after I prayed out loud that the radar showed it splitting in half away from us (according to others, my service was super spotty and not working right then), and I saw the dark clouds moving away from us. When I heard about the radar (with only 10 minutes or so before Flyleaf was to take the stage), I told my friend I would meet him down there and ran to the stage. My new friend and I both made it in time, and Flyleaf played their set as scheduled! I’ve had more than a few messages from people about Flyleaf’s set and the festival in general, and a lot of people have concluded the same as I, God showed up in a mighty way during that specific timeframe. Even the friend with me was blown away by what happened. In the midst of a lot of heartache, even anger, of how the festival started and ended (with the last two days being cancelled among other things), God still can be found if you are willing to listen to His still small voice.

Flyleaf’s Set and Living Out Freedom

When Flyleaf took the stage, it was surreal for me. I’ve seen Lacey perform live a few times, but not with Flyleaf. You would never have known we almost had to shut down everything, the band did their set flawlessly! At one point during their set Lacey Sturm explained the meaning of the song “Cassie”. The lyrics are about the Columbine shooting. Towards the end she says something that is so profound. Lacey mentioned two girls (Cassie Bernall and Rachel Joy Scott) who died from the shooting after being asked if they believed in God and they said yes. Rachel survived the first shot and was asked again, and she said yes again. She was then shot a second time and the second shot ended her life. Then Lacey had this to say. “That’s what freedom is, to say yes. Not to take a life, but to give your life for what you believe in. That’s freedom, and we all have that freedom.”  When we each think of the word freedom, we probably don’t think about dying for what we believe in. But this quote got me thinking. When you have a conviction that runs so deep that absolutely nothing will stop you from it, when you are not afraid of staring death in the face, that indeed is freedom. And both Rachel Joy Scott and Cassie Bernall that day lived out their freedom in Christ Jesus.

The Backstory of Flyleaf

Flyleaf started back in 2002 (known as “Passerby” for the first couple years) with Lacey Sturm, James Culpepper, Sameer Bhattacharya, Jared Hartmann, and Pat Seals. Flyleaf is a rock band with fans in both the Christian and secular market. Lacey Sturm was with the band up until 2012, when she left the band. Check out the video below to see Lacey explaining why she made the decision. After Lacey left the band, Kristen May briefly stepped in as a lead singer for one album, before she left in 2016. With Kristen’s departure, the band was put on a hiatus.

Flyleaf Reuniting

On November 7th of 2022 they put this on social media! Quickly following that was the announcement of Flyleaf with Lacey Sturm being scheduled to perform at Sick New World. From there they added a few other festivals, with Blue Ridge Rock Festival being the last scheduled appearance at this point. Let me tell you, their set did not disappoint! It was everything a girl like me (who grew up on their music) could dream up. The whole band gave it everything they had for the fans to have something to always remember. Mission accomplished!

They have also shared a couple of video “chapter” stories. In these stories they talk about where they have been and where they are each at now. Check those out below and we will update our readers if any more relevant news from the band becomes available to us! To see more photos of Flyleaf from the Blue Ridge Rock Fest event, check out Katie’s Media Facebook photo gallery here or Instagram here.

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