adamariz teams up with Xay Hill to focus on "GREATER THINGS"

adamariz teams up with Xay Hill to focus on “GREATER THINGS”

adamariz teamed up with Xay Hill to bring you “GREATER THINGS”. Inspired by people attempting to distract her from her purpose, adamariz touches on what she focused on instead, the greater things God has planned for her life. Adamariz has not been shy with discussing people or situations she had to leave behind before she could step into greater things. This song has been a work in progress since January 2022. In the first verse, Adamariz describes things that were thrown her way, but she still stands tall in the midst of this. Closing out the verse, with “I’m too busy, nah. I’m just focusing on greater things.” That line shows adamariz has declined hanging out or doing things from her past, to instead focus on her time with God or making music. The chorus itself is short and catchy, with Xay coming in the second verse strong! This is a song to remember to focus on “GREATER THINGS”, not on the negativity that has engulfed the news, social media, and so many other things.


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