Skillet's John Cooper Lanches Cooper Stuff Podcast to talk about...stuff.

Rock News Roundup 162

Hey rockers and welcome back to this week’s rock news roundup! Check below to see what your favorite rock artists are up to this week.

John Cooper of Skillet released a new episode of his Cooper Stuff Podcast. In it he shares an article from New Release Today about what’s going on in Christian Music, such as cussing, drag queens, and sexual content. It’s hard to preach truth in love when the world sees only hate when it comes to the truth. But in a society where standing against child trafficking and standing for biblical values in Christian music is seen as hateful, I am so thankful for people like John and Kevin (of NRT) who take a stand regardless of the backlash. Check out the episode below!

Quiet Strength Design designed some Flyleaf clothes which are being sold in Hot Topic stores! So proud of Josh and Jarob (of The Protest) for their design. If you have a hot topic near you, make sure to check the merch out! See their post about that here!

Rock News Roundup 126

Lacey Sturm gave us a teaser about something coming on Friday. Check out the post here and make sure to check out the hashtags attached to the video! <3 

Lacey Sturm Releases 'State Of Me' Globally

Amongst Wolves teased something is going down on Friday as well! I wonder what the water glass, rock, and lego man is all about. Check out the video here!

Amongst Wolves Choose Life on Fall Down [Video]

Classic Disaster dropped a lyric video for their song “Escape”. Check it out below!

Theocracy joins Atomic Fire Records to make their fifth album. Check out the full info via their post here. I just saw them live for a second time a couple weeks ago and I cannot wait to hear new tunes from them!

Magdalene Rose has new music coming, and she has teased it will have a featured artist on it. Check out the video about it here! Anyone have any guesses?

Switchfoot dropped a music video for “Meant To Live (Jon Bellion Version)”. In the about section of the video, Jon Foreman of Switchfoot explains the point of the music video. “…a self-funded passion project. A short film about a man, caught between his past and his future, discovering that he still gets to choose. “We want more than the wars of our fathers… Somewhere we live inside.” Check it out below and read the full about section to learn more! (This is such a beautiful rendition of the song!!)

Our throwback song of the week is “Looking For Angels” by Skillet. When this song was released on the Comatose album in 2006, who knew how it would be even more vital to our society now compared to then. Check it out below!

That ends this week’s rock news roundup. I hope you all have a great rest of your week and may God bless and keep you all!

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(Afterword sidenote: This song is technically in the CCM world, but JesusWired’s editor Iain Moss shared this with me, and I think many of you may also be interested! Check out Brandon Lake’s “Count ‘Em” here!)