Trampolines debut video for “Rise,” collaborating with 1k Phew and introducing Zaq Monroe

Trampolines debut video for “Rise,” collaborating with 1k Phew and introducing Zaq Monroe

Trampolines has released their latest song and video with “Rise,” a track featuring 1k Phew and cowritten with new artist Zaq Monroe. You can watch the video at The song also marks the introduction of Trampolines’ mission-focused label, Radial Music Group.

“We are excited to raise up musicianaries under our new label Radial Music Group, and we will be touring with Zaq Monroe in the new year,” Trampolines’ Lane Terzieff says. “It was fun to co-produce this song with Zaq and break into the trap-meets-tribal beats space!”

Fittingly, “Rise” is an anthem for anyone on the edge of the unknown, eager to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

“In prayer, I asked Jesus to use all of my talents for Him, because life outside of ministry felt empty. I didn’t want to live that way, I wanted my life to be something I could be proud of,” Zaq Monroe adds. “‘Rise’ is for people who have lived in the will of God, and for those who don’t even know who He is but feel the urgency to do something beyond their comfort zone. To stand up and step into a world they could never have imagined. When I met Trampolines, they fit that ideology perfectly. With their focus on missions and putting God first, I knew that they would make the song something special. And I have been a big fan of 1k Phew since I was a teenager.”

Trampolines is an act full of energetic eclecticism who donates 100% of their proceeds to missions work around the world. “Rise” is the latest song that raises funds for evangelism and anti-human trafficking efforts. “Rise” is streaming everywhere now, with the music video premiering exclusively on Rapzilla.

You can learn more about Trampolines’ mission work at, and book them for an event at Find Trampolines on social media on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Spotify, and Zaq Monroe on Instagram, YouTube and Soundcloud.

Source: Mary Nikkel Media