Manchester EDM Group LZ7 Releases Music Video For New Single “Plan B

Manchester EDM Group LZ7 Releases Music Video For New Single “Plan B

Following the successful release of their 2023 EP, Human Vol. 1 that featured stand out single “Same Line,” Manchester, England based EDM group LZ7 are back with the music video for new single “Plan B” released today, off their upcoming Human EP Vol. 2 set for release on August 25th. This is an important single for LZ7 as it touches on the topic of adoption something that’s very personal to leader Lindz West who himself adopted his children. However, even with this deep personal message, this track still delivers the infectious LZ7 sound that fans have come to know and love and is sure to fill dance floors across the globe this summer. This new single follows their recently released US to UK collaboration “Monster” with rapper Stephen Malcolm which has taken LZ7 into a whole different zone when performed live at their headlining festivals shows in the UK and Holland. This all follows the success of  LZ7’s 2022 single “Last Night” that peaked in the Top 10 on Upfront Club Charts following remixes from DJ/Producer Try Harder (Daniel Beddingfield, Hermitage, Steve Malcolm and Static & Ben), as well as French DJ Rawdolff. “Plan B” is just the first taste of what fans can expect from LZ7 as they buildup to their new project Human EP Vol. 2, as they continue their quest to perpetuate music that bypasses the intellect and speaks straight to the soul with their melodies, huge drops and back to back anthems. No better is this unique LZ7 sound heard than on the group’s latest single “Plan B” which fans can see performed live as the band tour across the UK this summer.

When asked about the music video for their single “Plan B” Director Pete Wall  said “ Working together with Lindz, we really wanted to create something as heartfelt as the message behind the song. We realized that a simple, striking visual would do that best and let the music and story behind the song do the talking. Taking influence from a video for the Chainsmokers, directed by Rory Kramer, we used subtitles to tell the story of Lindz and his family, so you might have to watch the video twice. Once to catch the story and then again to see the visuals. We also threw some AI in there for a few shots, so keep an eye out for that!”

From the start, LZ7 has kept a relevance and honesty about their music, which comes from a heart that sees the best in young people. The band draws on experiences from their own lives which gives the listener a deeper perspective of where they come from, what they are all about and where they are heading with their music. With their infectious melodies, huge drops and back-to-back anthems, LZ7 knows how to rock a crowd at their live show. Rock a crowd is just what they have been doing as the world is starting to slowly open up, LZ7 has already started hitting the road playing at festivals and schools alike across the UK. Stay tuned to LZ7’s socials below for future releases from LZ7 as they continue to tour throughout the summer in the buildup to the release of the second part of 4 part album HUMAN, HUMAN Vol. 2 that drops on August 25th.

LZ7 Tour Dates:
August 19                   Gjeving, Norway        Skjærgårds Music Festival
September 11-15         Illuminate Dudley
September 23rd            Norway                       Active Focus
Oct 30- Nov 3rd           Illuminate Manchester

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