Futures Releases New Album Together, With Heaven + Futures Releases New Song "What A Life" + Futures Releases New Song "Hidden"

Futures Releases “By Faith”

Over the course of the past few weeks Futures have been releasing their new album Together, With Heaven in drops as they lead to the album’s release date on August 25th.  This week is no different as the group is proud to release their latest new song “By Faith.”  A powerful, hopeful and motivational song for every listeners who hears this incredible song.

“The single thing that links every miracle together isn’t need, it’s faith. Hebrews 11 tells us about the heroes of faith and how it was only by their faith that they saw incredible miracles take place that shaped history. We wrote this song to be an anthem for all of us to know that our God still does miracles and all He asks of us is for the faith to believe that He can do it again, today!” – Ryan Rolls, Futures

“By Faith” was produced by Andrew Barlow and co-written by Andrew Barlow, Danae Leslie, Mark Evans, Ryan Rolls and Chloe Evans.

Listen or buy “By Faith” here

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