Reach Records Finalizes The Summer 23 Playlist With New Releases From Tommy Royale, Wande, 350, Angie Rose, Alexxander And More / Reach Records Releases 3 More Singles From Summer 23 Playlist With DKG KIE, Lecrae And More

Reach Records Finalizes The Summer 23 Playlist With New Releases From Tommy Royale, Wande, 350, Angie Rose, Alexxander And More

The 116 Summer Playlist is here. Twelve new songs featuring a diverse pool of artists–some you may have heard of, some you may just have had introduced to you, but all include fresh collaborations that hopefully encapsulate the warmth, carefree, and celebratory themes of summer. All while continuing to proclaim the message that started all of this–that We are those who are Unashamed to proclaim the Gospel the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes.

Listen to the “Summer Twenty-Three” now here.

Today, Reach Records presented four new singles, “De Camino” with Tommy Royale, Alexxander and Samuel Ash, “Add It Up” with Lecrae and Scootie Wop, “LOWKEY!” with 350, Not Klyde, Scootie Wop and DJ Mykael V and lastly, “Encore” with Wande, Toyalove and Angie Rose. With the release of these four new songs, the Summer 23 Playlist is now fully released for the world to enjoy!

“De Camino” is a latin pop track celebrates and speaks to what it means to be on the journey with someone and look towards the future with commitment and trust. Tommy Royale’s feature comes after several collaborations on Reach projects and it marks the first feature for Grammy-winning artist Samuel ASH and Puerto Rican artist Alexxander.

“Working on ‘De Camino’ was a creative joy. Getting to work with high caliber talent making latin fusions and experimenting while all being in one spirit.” says Alexxander. “This song ignites a sense of purpose and commitment to embracing God’s plan in all aspects of life crossing any language barriers and touching hearts across cultures.”

“Add It Up” is a melodic hip hop record from Lecrae ft. Scootie Wop speaking to the trials we face and how it can be defeating to watch them stack up, but that our hope is in knowing God ultimately turns it all around for His good.

“LOWKEY!” is the hard-hitting hip hop record of this weeks summer release from DJ Mykael V and 350 ft. Scootie Wop and Not Klyde. His 2nd appearance on the playlist himself, DJ Mykael V brough together 3 artists who are seasoned on the playlist as well to put together an anthem speaking to living humbly and giving the glory to God.

“Encore” is a bright celebratory hip hop record with tones of R&B from Toyalove with Angie Rose and Wande speaking to the Joy in life that comes with focusing your sight on what God has for you. “Better days they still await, I turn the page giving thanks, up in the AM till it’s late Check the bank, provision made you’re never late…”says Wande showing that no matter what obstacles may be in front of you, He has already planned to provide for you in the midst of it.

Over the next couple of weeks you’ll learn more about 350, Tommy Royale, Alexxander and Samuel Ash with two exclusive episodes of The 116 Life! August 2nd, DJ Mykael Hosts a conversation with 350 discussing his upbringing as a pastors grandkid and becoming a father. On August 9th, you can tune into a conversation hosted by A&R at Reach Records, Lasanna “Ace” Harris with Tommy Royale, Alexxander and Samuel Ash on the rise of Latin Christian music and why it is important to have different cultures represented. Both conversations will be hosted on Reach Records YouTube Channel here.

See the final full Summer Twenty Three Playlist Track-list:

1. Stay Low – Toyalove, Reece Lache, Childlike CiCi

2. Texas Pete – Tedashii, Trip Lee ft. Lecrae

3. Flip That – Mike Teezy, 678NATH

4. Blessings – Jaye Newton, Richdanfamous

5. Extra – Lecrae

6. Desire Pt. 2 – Limoblaze ft. Caleb Gordon

7. De Camino – Samuel ASH, Alexxander, Tommy Royale

8. Mowanbe (Mo wan’be – Limoblaze, Wande

9. Back Home – DKG KIE ft. Lecrae

10. Encore – Toyalove, Angie Rose, Wande

11. Add It Up – Lecrae ft. Scootie Wop

12. LOWKEY! – DJ Mykael V, 350 ft. Scootie Wop, Not Klyde

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