Gospel Rock ‘n Roller Rikki Doolan kick-starts the summer with NEW song TURNED IT AROUND!

Gospel Rock ‘n Roller Rikki Doolan kick-starts the summer with new song Turned It Around

Gospel Rock ‘n Roll music artist Rikki Doolan is starting off the summer with a bang by releasing his new high energy song ‘Turned It Around’ – a uniquely reflective song for Doolan who wrote it with an ‘autobiographical frame of mind’ after a decade-long journey of total life transformation.

Rikki Doolan went from being a homeless busker hooked on a Rock ‘n Roll lifestyle of drugs and alcohol to being an established church Pastor and Gospel music artist. Doolan describes his transformation as nothing but a miracle. His family and peers were all shocked as they witnessed this radical change.

Doolan says: “There was no expectation from myself or anyone around me that I would experience such a massive transformation by connecting to Jesus, but it happened. It wasn’t something I was looking for, but it is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am so happy to express that transformation in my new song ‘Turned It Around’.”

The music video that is accompanying the release of ‘Turned It Around’ was shot in Manchester, UK in the exact same locations where back in 2008 Doolan found himself as a homeless busker. Manchester Cathedral that features in the video is also of great significance to Doolan: “One day when I was totally down and out, I mean the lowest of the low, nothing was going right, my life had spiraled out of control.

I was busking in St. Annes square featured in the video and nothing was going right, even the famous Manchester rain was falling on me the wrong way! I packed up my guitar and let my feet lead me to where they wanted, and I ended up at the Cathedral. I entered and found a quiet place at the back where I looked up into the corner and asked God, whom I did not know was real or not, for help. Fast forward 15 years and my life has gone from glory-to-glory. I have a beautiful family, wife and two children, I am involved in music and ministry full time. I have experienced things that my family before me never have. I feel so blessed and favored.”

Gospel music in recent years has made huge strides back into the mainstream with superstar artists such as Kanye West, Snoop Dogg and Justin Bieber respectively all making and releasing Christ-centered music. With barriers coming down a bright future in the mainstream for Gospel artists looks like a probable outcome, Rikki Doolan has positioned himself as one of those set to ride the wave.

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