Emerging Artist Nitro X Announces New Single with Reuben Cameron Called Not Afraid

Emerging Artist Nitro X Announces New Single with Reuben Cameron Called Not Afraid

Nitro X, a talented producer and artist from Canada and a member of the “Young Pop Renegades,” has collaborated with rising singer Reuben Cameron to unleash their anticipated Christian EDM single, “Not Afraid.” This powerful song, slated for release on July 21st, combines Nitro X’s creative production with Reuben Cameron’s captivating vocals, resulting in a cohesive and engaging track.

“Not Afraid” is more than just a song; it serves as a testament to putting our trust in God when facing scary or tough situations. Drawing inspiration from Isaiah 41:13 and Jeremiah 1:7-8, the lyrics remind listeners to embrace the opportunities God has given them and face their battles with adversity, knowing that God is on their side, guiding their path. “This song has been several months in the making, and we are very excited to share it with everyone!” says Nitro X.

As a member of the young pop renegades collective, led by acclaimed producer Matthew Parker, Nitro X is making waves in the underground Christian and pop music scene. This talented group of producers and artists is known for their innovative approach to pop music, pushing boundaries and redefining the genre. Nitro X has collaborated with talented singers and artists such as Matthew Parker, Xander Sallows, JSteph, MYKYL, and more.

Reuben Cameron, a promising up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Australia, lends his remarkable vocal talents to “Not Afraid.” While still on his ascent, Reuben’s soulful voice and emotive delivery captivate listeners, making him a perfect collaborator for this EDM anthem. His contribution elevates the track, infusing it with raw energy and emotion.

The highly anticipated release of “Not Afraid” by Nitro X featuring Reuben Cameron is set for July 21st. The single will be available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

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