Barabbas Drops A Project To Help “D-PRGRM” Us All This Summer

Barabbas Drops A Project To Help “D-PRGRM” Us All This Summer

Barabbas is a Christian Indie-Pop/ Hip-Hop Producer and Artist from Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is known to have soul, and that is exactly what the majority of Barabbas’ body of work focuses on: The human condition and experiences of the human soul when put through hardship and temptation. The upbeat track “Conditions” featuring longtime friend and fellow artist “MEGASTARLOVEKID” is a great example of this as well as multiple songs like “Sorry” and “Heal Myself” off of his earlier 20 track LP “Superbia: The Age of Re-enchantment”

Barabbas just released his most recent project titled “CMD:\\D-PRGRM” on July 7th, which has 7 tracks that transcend genre and flow fluidly between Boom Bap, Soul, SynthPop, Highlife, and Indie-Rock. The project is a feel-good summer centerpiece that is focused on deprogramming from day to day technology and social media culture to focusing more on the good things that God has gifted us with in life.

Barabbas is known to bend the rules of modern Pop and Hip-Hop in the Christian music scene and execute an arsenal of chill Hypnagogic Pop melodies sprinkled with instances of upbeat Trip Hop and Dreamcore tracks, without bending a knee, lyrically, and delivering a spiritual experience with catchy hooks and wordplay.

Barabbas’ body of work is extensive in itself since adopting the moniker in 2017 after changing from the title “Di$counT Joe”.

The self produced debut EP “Overture” that he released in 2018 had a few memorable tracks like “Groovy” and “Impulsive” that showcase his versatility with multiple styles across the hip-hop spectrum. He has released a variety of singles since then in multiple genres until his “Superbia” LP which really showcased his ability to create a treasure trove of other memorable tracks and genres.

Born and raised in Memphis, TN, Barabbas would spend hours as a young kid recording himself and his friends on a Panasonic cassette recorder. His parents noticed his interest in music and memorizing lyrics at a young age and put him in Suzuki piano lessons, but because of his overactive attention span he never completed. During his early teens, running the streets, he would visit the Apple Store on foot with his friends and almost on a daily basis make beats on the the newly released iMac garage band displays. At the age of 15, Barabbas was introduced to Fruity Loops Studio and producing his own beats became his sole passion. He would spend hours creating beats for himself and his friends to freestyle to and aspired to become one of the next big producers. In his late teens and early twenties he adopted the name “Di$counT Joe” and performed all over Memphis and recorded his records in the studio of the Memphis Legend Gangsta Blac. During this time he partied heavily, experimented with drugs and was incarcerated on multiple occasions, finally for an extended length of time.

During these stints, Barabbas rededicated his life to Jesus and discovered he was a natural at writing song lyrics with intoxicating hooks. He would stuff hundreds of pages of lyrics, front and back, into a worn out tortilla package he bought off commissary and called them his “Tortilla Raps”. He spent days on end beating his the cell doors , performing for the inmates in his pod and quickly fell deeply in love with putting on live performances.

Since his release he has found a his niche making music and performing live all over Tennessee. Barabbas is now Husband and Father of three beautiful little girls. He is a Youth Leader at his local church and has become a production powerhouse writing, composing, producing, mixing and mastering all his own and other artists tracks from the comfort of his home right outside Memphis, TN. He is involved with a collective of creatives that go by Kairos Kreations and NeoM!nd Music Group. They are dedicated to reaching out into the city of Memphis and surrounding areas to find other christian artists that feel like they have no community and create a culture that is dedicated to glorifying the Kingdom of God.

The particular track featured is Titled “Test Ride” and is the second track on “CMD:\\DPRGRM”.
The song talks about how we’re all just spirit beings in a flesh suit (which he refers to as a suit and tie in the song) and ultimately how everything in this life is vanity except for the Truth.

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