Caleb Hyles: Beyond Belief of an Independent Artistry

Illuminating the Melodies: The Inspiring Connections of Caleb Hyles, Lacey Sturm and “Darkness Before The Dawn”

As soon as it debuted, the song “Darkness Before The Dawn” by Caleb Hyles featuring Lacey Sturm was listed on JesusWired’s Rock News RoundUp

In response to all the hype the song has had since its’ release date (and now reaching over a million views on YouTube), we wanted to share more about the artist Caleb Hyles and how the production of the song came about. 

If you’re a YouTube viewer then you might be familiar with Caleb Hyles. He is a talented vocalist who has basically been known as a cover artist for Disney, Broadway, and metal songs, but he is also a songwriter, voiceover artist and overall performer.

Caleb’s passion for metal music obviously captured the attention of the record label Judge & Jury, co-founded by multi-platinum music producer Howard Benson and drummer Neil Sanderson from Three Days Grace, because he was approached by the label while working on his second solo album. Although this is Caleb’s first time working with a label, he has never had a production process be so professional and thorough. Judge & Jury have centuries worth of knowledge and connections in the music industry. While Judge & Jury is not a religious record label, they believe in every creative’s artistic experience, therefore they have produced many Christian artists such as Flyleaf (hence the Lacey Sturm connection), Third Day, P.O.D, Creed, Blindside, RED, and most notably Skillet. Judge & Jury have even won many Dove Awards for those projects, been nominated for various secular music awards, and have the most number one songs at active rock radio in history – recently including the song “Waiting On The Sky To Change” by Starset featuring Breaking Benjamin, yet they remain respectful with an “independent musician” mindset that puts the artist’s needs at the forefront. Allowing Caleb to write the songs he wants, with Judge & Jury being there to help him proceed to the next level. 

“I need to give props to my partner-in-crime, Jonathan Young [who is part of the Judge & Jury team], for not only his production/songwriting prowess but also his navigating and championing of independent artistry.” stated Caleb. 

Jonathan and Caleb had written the first four tracks of Caleb’s second album with relative ease. As the first part of the writing session was about to wrap up, Caleb brought up one final recording that he thought would become a great, hard-rock symphonic track. Caleb mentioned how the track started as an “atmospheric piano piece with no lyrics and eventually became “Darkness Before The Dawn”.”

Caleb said, “Judge & Jury sent the song off to people they believed would be a great fit, and graciously Lacey Sturm decide[d] to jump on the track.” He went on to explain how he had a two-hour phone call with Lacey to discuss the song and everything that went into its creation. He mentioned how attentive and supportive she was and how she challenged him to embrace his voice in every song he writes and sings. 

And that is exactly what Caleb hopes to accomplish in his musical career. “As a believer, my songs will always reflect my faith. […] “Darkness Before The Dawn” was a song I wrote for the whole world, not just those who believe what I believe.” Caleb admitted, “[T]here’s nothing more human than persevering through trials and tribulations. No matter what someone believes, I want them to know there is an eventual dawn whether in this life or the hereafter.” We don’t have to see eye-to-eye but we can carry on through this darkness together. Thus, Caleb Hyle’s overall hope for “Darkness Before The Dawn” is this song will find people in their time of need to strengthen them and encourage them because music is indeed a universal language. 

You can listen to “Darkness Before The Dawn” by choosing your preferred music service here.

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