HolyName collaborates with Run Against Traffic for a merch drop supporting trafficking survivors

HolyName collaborates with Run Against Traffic for a merch drop supporting trafficking survivors

HolyName, an aggressive worship band hailing from Utah, has launched a special merch collaboration to support work rehabilitating survivors of human trafficking through Run Against Traffic.

Tommy Green, best known for his role as singer for Sleeping Giant, provides vocals for HolyName and founded Run Against Traffic with his wife Krissi.

“HolyName and Run Against Traffic have put their heads together to generate a really important part of the Run Against Traffic foundation,” Tommy says. “If you are a fan of Sleeping Giant, if you are a fan of HolyName, if you have heard about our mission, our vision: we are asking you to consider becoming a monthly partner of Run Against Traffic. If you do that, we’ve got special HolyName-style stuff that we’re going to send your way, because the HolyName crew is getting behind us building this thing.”

You can find the form to sign up at irunagainsttraffic.com/support. You’ll receive an email code that applies a discount on any of the HolyName merch, which is available at run-against-traffic.myshopify.com.

Monthly donors will serve as a crucial part of truly setting up Run Against Traffic for success in supporting survivors of sex trafficking through carefully vetted aftercare partners. The financial need is great because of the scope of the problem.

“It’s like we have this 800 ton bully in the world,” Tommy explains. “One of us can’t do a whole lot. But like any good bully beat back story, if you get 500 of us to jump in there? We’re going to smash his face.”

He concludes, “My passion is to see human trafficking taken out in our lifetime. That’s too expensive for one person, it’s too much for one person. But it’s not too expensive or too much for all of us.”

Run Against Traffic has also been endorsed by Brian Head Welch of Korn and innovative tech startup Pyvott. You can go to irunagainsttraffic.com/support to be part of the ways they’re combating human trafficking’s devastating effects. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook to share their posts and spread the word. You can also join their email list for more information and updates about getting involved with their restorative work.

Source: Transparent Media Co