J. Stewart Agency announces the new single “Skin” from C West

J. Stewart Agency announces the new single “Skin” from C-West

After an unanticipated hiatus, C-West is gearing up to make a return to the music scene with what is sure to be his best musical offering yet. His return begins with SKIN, a vibrant acoustic ballad that is an enthralling epitome of resilience. The single is slated for an early-summer release of June 23, 2023. 

Taking a storytelling approach, the song speaks of the singer’s unnerving battle with a skin condition that was seemingly impossible to remedy for an entire year. The song is laced with a grit reminiscent of what those tantalizing days felt like—days that “felt like hell”, days that robbed him of the joy of playing with his children, days that ended in sleepless nights where the only hope to be found was in a comforting hug from his wife and a tender whisper from God telling him, “It’s gonna be okay”.

While the song showcases the brilliance of C-West’s pen and vocal prowess, it also showcases his production skills as he is the Co-Producer alongside Kenneth Paryo who has produced for some of today’s best talent such as Coco Jones and Domani. C-West’s new music will give listeners a front row seat into his creative genius as it hones in on his songwriting, producing, and singing capabilities.

C-West made his debut in 2017 with his freshman album, Hide and Seek. The contemporary and futuristic radio single, “Focus” landed on Billboard’s Top 30 at #28 and clocked in on Mediabase’s chart at #27. His sophomore project is tentatively scheduled to be released at the end of the year. The album will be power packed with tunes that can be described as honest, moody, and faith-giving. “I want this to be music that can be performed anywhere and touch anyone and point them to the One who is the backdrop of every lyric: Jesus”.

For more information on C West, please visit: https://cwestmusic.com and on social media.

Source: The J. Stewart Agency