Set For the Fall returns after 5 years with massive rock anthem “Product of Pressure”

Set For the Fall returns after 5 years with massive rock anthem “Product of Pressure”

Set For the Fall is back with “Product of Pressure,” a massive rock anthem with an empowering message of resilience and overcoming. The song is their first release in 5 years, and is available now on all major streaming services at

The song is structured around the blazing riffs that fans have come to expect from Set For the Fall, sizzling through steadily building verses into full-blaze choruses that celebrate the art of overcoming. The band also released a corresponding music video, which you can watch here.

“‘Product of Pressure’ was inspired by the thought of what happens when something or someone endures years of stress and the weight of their profession, or life in general,” lead singer Joey Lassiter explains, digging into the track’s punchy lyrics. “Just like a diamond, they become hardened into something amazing and beautiful. Without the constant pressure, this wouldn’t take place. It’s a declaration of what we have become: the better version of ourselves.”

“Curb stomp, sharpening your teeth on asphalt
Ripping the mask off pretenders
Make you remember
Witness, notches on a concrete hit list
Keeping your head down forever
I am the product of pressure.”

For the band, which consists of Joey Lassiter (vocals), Harrison Muffley (guitar), Donovan Roybal (guitar) and Dylan McLain (drums), “Product of Pressure” crystallizes their own individual experiences over the years since listeners heard from them. From marriages to new children to cross-country moves, the years have been both shaking and clarifying.

Joey reveals, “It was a lot of personal changes and making sure our focus was on our families. Which in turn gave us a vision of what to do this time around, musically. We wanted to write something better than our last record. We threw away many ideas that just were not up to par with what we expected from ourselves.”

That has led Set For the Fall into cowrites and collaboration. For “Product of Pressure,” they worked with producer Andrew Baylis in Nashville. The band is currently working on future single releases that will continue in that collaborative framework.

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Source: Mary Nikkel Media