HGHTS Releases New Track “Need You”

HGHTS Releases New Track “Need You”

It’s been a busy time for the artist HGHTS.  First, he released his new song with artist Joshua Micah, “Same”, then his new song “Hold On” just a few weeks ago and now he’s back with another new track title “Need You.”  Produced by HGHTS, this song is available now to all digital services providers on DREAM Records.  The song releases today and comes with the two previously released songs.  HGHTS shares more about what the song means to him…

“’Need You’ is one of those songs that was not easy to write. I love control and I have a very hard time giving that up. However, it doesn’t matter how hard I try, when I’m in control things fall apart. Once I learned to give God the control, things changed drastically. It made me nervous, but I knew ultimately everything that happened to me was for my good. I am still learning every day to put my trust in Him. I hope this song can help people who are like me learn to trust that God will always give us exactly what we need, even if it’s not what we want.” – HGHTS

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Source: DREAM Music Group