Disciple releases new album Skeleton Psalms, a story of death resurrected

Disciple releases new album Skeleton Psalms, a story of death resurrected

Acclaimed rock group Disciple has released their latest full-length studio album Skeleton Psalms, an opus of life and death led by the singles “The Executioner” and “Promise to Live.” The album is available from BEC Recordings/Tooth & Nail on all major streaming services at https://disciple.ffm.to/skeletonpsalms.

Disciple’s Skeleton Psalms is the story of humanity told in three parts: brokenness, mercy and ultimate victory.

“Every single song is intertwined and connected with each other,” lead singer and band founder Kevin Young reflects. “They all deal with similar themes, they all have an element of being autobiographical. It’s almost like chapter 1, chapter 2, chapter 3: human depravity, the unconditional love of God, then victory.”

Skeleton Psalms was created in house: produced by guitarist Josiah Prince at his studio The Ranch, written by Kevin Young, Andrew Stanton (guitar) and Josiah Prince, with drums from Joey West and additional backing vocal support from touring bassist Marco Pera. For additional support on instrumentation, Mark “Traa” Daniels (P.O.D.) played bass. The band called on mix engineer Nick Rad (Skillet), mastering engineer Sam Moses (Tenth Avenue North) and the drum recording skills of Lester Estelle (Pillar, Kelly Clarkson) to round out the creative team.

In addition to the three songs that preceded the album, Skeleton Psalms boasts the hauntingly visceral title track “Skeleton Psalm,” the poignant celebration “Resurrecting Reasons,” the savagely ripping “20 20 Blind” and the irresistible compassion of “For the Life of Me.” Sonically, the album paints from a palette colored with every one of the releases in the band’s acclaimed 30-year career. At the same time, the soundscape that ultimately takes shape is wholly the product of the current lineup’s 10 years as a creative unit.

“It’s just the chemistry of the four of us having played so many shows together,” guitarist and producer Josiah Prince reflects. “We have so much instinct now for what the four of us would do on a song when we’re performing it. So when we’re writing the songs, it is informed by that. To me, this album feels the most like the energy that we put out on stage.”

The release of Skeleton Psalms is being celebrated on April 28 through SkeleVision, a special livestreamed album release show with upgrades for exclusive merch. Tickets and upgrades are available now. Disciple is also giving away a custom Xbox S, which you can enter to win through Tunespeak. For more from Disciple, visit https://linktr.ee/disciplerocks.

In their acclaimed career, Disciple has recorded 13 studio albums, earned 16 No. 1 singles, and sold hundreds of thousands of records. Their music has been featured on ESPN’s NFL Live, WWE, Fox Sports, as well as in commercials for CBS’ CSI: Miami and Criminal Minds. They’ve received multiple Dove Awards and played thousands of shows worldwide, including a 2023 stint in 40 arenas on Winter Jam Tour. Currently, Disciple is playing both rock sets and leading worship through their other musical project Honor & Glory.

Source: Mary Nikkel Media