Independent Christian Singer/Songwriter Phil Laeger releases new EP "Kohelet"

Independent Christian Singer/Songwriter Phil Laeger releases new EP “Kohelet”

Independent Christian singer/songwriter Phil Laeger has announced the release of his latest EP, “Kohelet”, which is now available on all major streaming platforms. The EP features three songs inspired by the book of Ecclesiastes, exploring themes of purpose, meaning, and the search for wisdom in a world that often seems meaningless.

Laeger’s rich and soulful vocals are matched by his thoughtful and poetic lyrics, which draw on the wisdom of the ancient scriptures to offer a message of hope and encouragement to listeners of all ages. The songs on “Kohelet” showcase Laeger’s signature blend of folk, rock, and CCM, creating a sound that is both tender and timeless.

The EP opens with “You Are Loved”, an exploration of all of the empty ways we try to find meaning in our lives, while grounding what follows in the core message of these songs. The second track, “Trampoline”, is a joyful celebration of the freedom and joy that comes from living life with purpose, balance and intention. Finally, “Oh, Wrestler” is a poignant and introspective reflection on the struggles and challenges of life, and the importance of finding strength and perseverance in the face of adversity.

“I’ve always been drawn to the book of Ecclesiastes and its timeless wisdom,” says Laeger. “With ‘Kohelet’, I wanted to explore those themes in a fresh and meaningful way, drawing on my own experiences and struggles as well as the wisdom of the scriptures. These songs all came out of the lockdowns and difficulties of the last several years, and my thought was that ‘the Preacher’ probably has some timeless wisdom for us in these crazy days.”

“Kohelet” is a testament to Laeger’s musical and spiritual journey, offering listeners a chance to reflect and find hope, meaning and purpose in their own lives, grounded in the reality of a Father that loves us. With his honest lyrics and soulful melodies, Laeger continues to be a voice of inspiration and encouragement in the independent Christian music scene.

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