Legendary Rapper KJ-52 Releases New Single ‘Frfr’

Legendary Rapper KJ-52 Releases New Single ‘FRFR’

“FRFR,” a new single from legendary rapper KJ-52 is being released today to Christian CHR and Christian Rhythmic-formatted radio outlets. The new music was written by Jonah Sorrentino (aka KJ-52) and AJ Jenkins, who also produced the project.

“FRFR”, which stands for “For Real, For Real”, is a powerful expression of faith and resilience. The lyrics depict the struggles of life, including stress and sin, but also the ability to persevere through the help of Christ. KJ-52 raps about his loyalty to God, and the snakes that try to put him in their coils. He also acknowledges the power of God’s grace and how it has changed his life. Overall, the song is an inspiring message about the strength of faith in overcoming life’s challenges.

“FRFR” is from KJ-52’s “Still Standing” album, a collection of songs inspired by Hurricane Ian, which devastated Southwest Florida in September 2022.

“My city of Cape Coral was dead center for this Category Four Hurricane, the largest hurricane to ever hit the state of Florida, and myself and my family experienced this catastrophic event first hand,” KJ-52 shares.

“Emerging afterwards to a damaged house and nearly having a telephone pole on my roof, I realized that we were ‘still standing.’ We lost power, water, electricity, internet and lives in my community, but as a local pastor, I knew that this was the time for the church to arise! The following weeks have been spent serving the community with the love of Christ in tangible ways, such as food, water, repairs and much more.

“This project is inspired by those stories and is intended to bring much needed hope, joy and relief to a community that is ‘still standing.’”

KJ-52, who is based in Cape Coral, Florida, is a Guinness world record holder in freestyling and has garnered six Dove Award wins to-date, including taking home honors for song of the year for “Do Yo Thang” and “Never Look Away” and multiple album of the year wins for “Five-Two Television,” “KJ-52 Remixed,” and “It’s Pronounced Five Two.”

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Source: INOV8 PR