Audiomack Kicks Off ‘Keep the Faith’ Artist-Themed Gospel Playlist Series with Lecrae, Limoblaze & More

Audiomack Kicks Off ‘Keep the Faith’ Artist-Themed Gospel Playlist Series with Lecrae, Limoblaze & More

Audiomack is proud to announce the “Keep The Faith Going” Artist-themed Playlist series that aims to inspire, motivate, and encourage listeners to find peace, and be closer to God. Gospel Music is a genre that has given many artists an early start in their careers, and has showcased many of the great voices we know today. Created by Tanya Lawson, Strategic Marketing Director of Audiomack’s Caribbean and Gospel Music division, “Keep The Faith Going” is the first product from the newly launched Gospel Music division of the platform, which looks to bring a bigger spotlight on the global Gospel Music culture, and introduce Artists to a new audience.

“Keep The Faith Going” will be curated by some of the top names in Gospel/Christian Hip-Hop adjacent music from the West Indies, Africa, and the U.S., and will give listeners an idea of the songs that keep them going spiritually daily. The series will include contributions from U.S. Rapper Lecrae, Limoblaze from UK/Nigeria, Jamaica’s own Minister Marion Hall, Nigeria’s Moses Bliss, Jowel Lwaga from Tanzania, Gates Praise from Trinidad, and Evelyn Wanijiru from Kenya.

Other artists in the series from more regions will be introduced in future announcements.

Audiomack has managed to open up more doors and make more connections over the past few months, and they seek to cause a major shift with their new Gospel Music division. The “Keep The Faith Going” playlists have been rolling out bi-weekly since the beginning of March.

This also comes on the heels of their first ever Audiomack Christian Hip-Hop Playlist curated by DJ Mykael V.

Digital Music streaming giant Audiomack continues to introduce new features to enhance the user experience, and expand their global presence in the process. The platform has been busy these past few months producing and releasing new and original content, and giving more artists a platform that will increase their brand awareness, and following. With the introduction of their new “Keep The Faith Going” Playlist series, they look to connect with listeners on a deeper level.

*Interviews and/or quotes with Tanya Lawson of Audiomack are available by request.

Here’s what some of the artists are saying about the “Keep the Faith Series”


“My faith is the foundation that I walk on everyday. My faith in God has carried me through the darkest valleys and brought me more joy than I could imagine.”


“My faith is built on the gospel of Jesus being born by a virgin mother, living a sinless life and dying for my sake that I may have eternal life and with every waking day I remain in awe as to how Good and loving God is and this drives my passion in everything I do, including music.

Additional Playlists:

Gates Praise:

Marion Hall:

Moses Bliss:

Joel Lwaga:

Evelyn Wanjiru:

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