The Grizzly Awards announce winners during 4th annual livestream + Voting launches for 4th Annual The Grizzly Awards, celebrating faith-based rock and metal + Rock News Roundup 138

Zahna and Nate Parrish to perform for 4th annual Grizzly Awards, Petra’s John Schlitt and Disciple’s Joey West to present segments

The 4th annual Grizzly Awards will stream live on YouTube on March 25, featuring performances by Zahna, Nate Parrish and Rusty Shipp. Special segments will be presented by Petra’s John Schlitt and Disciple’s Joey West.

“We’re so excited to welcome talented individuals from across this beautiful, diverse family of faith-based rock and metal,” the Grizzly Awards cofounders share. “Every performance is truly of the highest caliber. We have a few special segments that will hopefully be both meaningful and fun. And we can’t wait to see the community that we know will be engaging in the comments! Every one of you is a part of the night too.”

In addition to performances and other special features, the evening will include winner announcements for categories honoring 2022 releases. Although fan voting established who will take home the trophies this year, the evening is designed to be a celebration of heavy music as a whole, and everyone who released new songs in 2022. 

The evening will be presented by The Grizzly Awards leaders: Trevor “Talks” Tyson, Cindy “Mothership” Blankenship, Joel Burris and Mary Nikkel. The team is still looking for donations to cover operating costs and award fabrication to honor artists. Donations can be made via PayPal to, or via Venmo to @Mary-Nikkel (memo line Grizzlies).

If you’d like to follow along for more updates as the show gets closer, follow The Grizzly Awards on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Source: The Grizzly Awards