adamariz drops "NEED 2 HOLD ON 2 THE TRUTH", a highly anticipated Gospel rap EP

adamariz drops “NEED 2 HOLD ON 2 THE TRUTH”, a highly anticipated Gospel rap EP

“NEED 2 HOLD ON 2 THE TRUTH EP” is about just that, the need to hold on to the truth. It’s adamariz’s own personal realization that God provides all she needs. Through whatever the circumstances may be she must hold on to the truth, which is what is written in the Bible. In addition the funding of this EP, is a testimony in itself in which God provided what she needed. There are a lot of vulnerable moments in this EP, as well as moments where it seems as if she’s had it with the church, but through it all she still finds herself in God’s favor and truth.

All throughout the EP from the cover art to the beats, and even the features, you can hear that everything was thought out, even the ad libs. On the cover art the most notable things are doves, a church, and praying hands, each one corresponding to a song from the EP. In the cover for “NEED” the thing that stands out the most is the doves, which were meant to symbolize the need for peace & God, and also a death to my old self. For “TRUTH” the bottom part of the church is most prominent, signifying that my foundation is on the word of God and to remember that we are the church, it’s not just a building. “HOLD ON” ties together with the praying hands, which of course means to keep praying and to hold on to the truth. In addition instead of using the word “to” in the title, I opted for “2’s” due to it symbolizing my current age at the creation of the EP and because it’s filled with realizations I’ve made while being 22.

As mentioned before, even the features were thought out beforehand. From the “gospel rap is back Jack” rapper 1K Phew had to be on the EP on track 3 “HOLD ON ”. 350 & Marty joined adamariz on “NEED” and Battz & Parris Chariz on “TRUTH. Back in October of 2022, I wanted to make a gospel rap EP yet make it where non Christians could listen and feel the need to look to God and the word. At the time I instantly came up with a list of artists I wanted on this EP and it was 350, 1K Phew, & Battz. After getting back the masters of the 3 song EP, at that time, a small still voice told me to not release the EP until March 8. Fast forward to February of 2023, I received back the masters with the extended version of “NEED” ft Marty & the Remix of “TRUTH” ft Parris Chariz. In Marty’s verse one line stood out to me the most and that was “this is God’s timing”. Why? Because if I wouldn’t have waited I don’t think this EP would be what it is today. I truly believe God orchestrated this from top to bottom and gave me the funding and creativity for it. I believe this EP will be a blessing for many people and hope it inspires Christian’s and non Christian’s alike to have a relationship with God and solidify their trust in Him.


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