Freedom Church Drop Their Full Live Album Barbarians

Freedom Church Drop Their Full Live Album Barbarians

UK worship group Freedom Church releases their new live album titled Barbarians available to all digital service providers via DREAM Worship.  The 11-song live album was recorded live at The Studio in Hereford, UK and was produced by George Owen Downes, Dave Thomas, Sam Taylor, Luke Collins and co-written by George Owen Downes and Dave Thomas.

“In 2006 something unique began to happen amongst the young men of our church. Not satisfied with the status quo of their lives or what it looked like to be a man of God they began to gather. It was raw, uncompromised honesty and ministry. What God did among them changed our church and at the heart of it was the sound of worship. Not polished great songs or high production events just men giving their all. An often out of tune, off beat but beautiful sound emerged. The passion became a fire that carried over nations as our church planted across the world. The vision of this album was to capture that worship with songs specifically written for men in the context of our struggles and battles in life. The mix was purposely not tidied, with the crowd left as abnormally loud as they were on the night. Spontaneous choruses and ministry captured in the ‘moments’ of this record encapsulate every prayer as a moment of worship we believe will change lives around the world. From declarations of trust in ‘You provide’, the journey of sonship in ‘Prodigal’ to the warcry of ‘Chariots’ this is a unique project we can’t wait to share with the world.“ – Dave Thomas, Freedom Church

Track listing:

  1. Chariots – Live
  2. Speak – Live
  3. Holy Resonance (Moment) – Live
  4. You Provide – Live
  5. Prodigal – Live
  6. Jesus I’m Sorry (Moment) – Live
  7. Purify – Live
  8. Consuming Fire (Moment) – Live
  9. All I Wanna Do – Live
  10. Here Now – Live
  11. We Stand As One – Live

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Source: DREAM Label Group