Wande releases new single "Winning"

Wande releases new single “Winning”

New year, new flows: Wande’s back with a fresh new single, “Winning,” after becoming a viral sensation with her “Hallelujah Roll Call” videos that show you can be unapologetically Christian, Black, and woman all at the same time. The Nigerian born hip-hop artist highlights her unique flavor of genuine excitement, community building, and whole hearted faith with this new record and innovative promo.

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“Winning” promises to be a motivational anthem from Wande, who has been giving women permission to embrace fun, authentic femininity, and winning through the pursuit of a wholesome, holy lifestyle. The single’s early promo showcases her signature choreography, and undeniable talent, paired with explicit lyrics that invites fans to hop on the wave she’s building with each new release.

Wande has been making noise in the industry with her unique sound and dynamic rap performances, seeing her Summer ‘21 single “Don’t Worry Bout It” ft. Porsha Love featured on Netflix’ “Freeridge” premier trailer. She also went viral seeing her “Hallelujah Roll Call ” videos break 12 million views on Instagram and Tik Tok. It’s only fitting she’s excited to share “Winning” with her fans stating, “Winning is a bold track that encourages the listener to celebrate being unapologetically christian. Even more so embracing my womanhood, being black, and getting lit,” she explains. “It encourages the listener to rethink what it means to win, seeing that my greatest wins have come when I commit to a life of service, uplifting, and loving others.”

The release of “Winning” follows the success of Wande’s previous singles, including “They Didn’t Know II,” “Big God, “Woo,” and “Blessed Up,” which have all received praise from fans and critics alike. Wande’s keeping her foot on the gas promising new music which will serve as anthems for her Her Holy Girls meet ups, which have given young adult Chrisitans an outlet for fun in Atlanta.

Speaking to her vision moving ahead she says, “I desire for this next era of music to be energizing, exciting, and an unforgettable moment that influences a generation to desire to live a wholesome life while still retaining their humanity and personality”. She says,  “I also want this music to be a blueprint of representation for people who want to see what it looks like to win without compromising your values”.

“Winning” will be available on all music streaming platforms on Wednesday, February 22nd. Tap in and join the Wande’s winning circle by streaming the new song today!

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