Billboard Topping HolyName announces livestream of first-ever live performance

Billboard Topping HolyName announces livestream of first-ever live performance

HolyName is preparing to bring their aggressive worship to the masses on February 17th. The band will be streaming a performance live on Veeps at 8:00 PM EST, their first-ever live appearance. Featured artists on the livestream will include Brian “Head” Welch (Korn), Brook Reeves (Impending Doom) and Ryan Clark (Demon Hunter), among other guest appearances! 

The performance follows the release of HolyName’s first full album — a self-titled record with blistering worship choruses and melodic, contemplative prayer. Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant) is the driving force behind Facedown Records’ HolyName, bringing his depth of experience and artistry to this new, hauntingly beautiful project. Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, HolyName serves as an altar, beckoning the Church to return to the core truths of Christianity in a spirit of sincerity and humility. 

Tommy is no stranger to trials and heartache. Through the loss and the suffering of the past few years, HolyName was born. Tommy shared how suffering was part of the band’s formation, saying, “In 2018, my brother died really suddenly. Over the next year and a half, my wife Krissi and I had four miscarriages, her mom passed away from cancer, my uncle died the same weekend, we had a nephew out of state who overdosed… Death just really slammed us. I basically grabbed a bunch of old worship songs that I wrote when I felt very close to Christ, and I threw them out in front of me to grab ahold of to try to keep my faith alive. ”

“I was really, really in a lot of pain,” Tommy continues. It was a time of tested faith, and HolyName became an outlet for his personal process. “In a lot of ways, the theology behind HolyName was like, ‘I have to find out what Jesus was about at the beginning, or I literally feel like I’ve really just been a hype man for some stuff I don’t believe in anymore. I can’t do that.’”

Through that furnace of grief, Tommy’s faith was forged into something deeper, simpler and stronger, rooted in the simple truths of Christ. He says, “In studying historic Orthodox Christianity, I found an understanding of death and an appreciation for suffering, for discipline, for hard things happening. That was so helpful for me. My understanding around death itself was transformed by Christ and his Church.”

It’s not often that the genre of metal possesses what could possibly be the greatest worship album release of 2023, but critical acclaim has been quick to laud HolyName as exactly that. Viewers of the livestream can expect to see that humbly worshipful heart brought to the stage.

You can purchase your livestream tickets at For more from HolyName, find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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