Top 100 artist on Australian Christian Radio in 2022 - SOFYKA's new single "A Fool To Change The World" is Out Now

SOFYKA’s Ready To Be “A Fool To Change The World” In New Single

“It takes a fool to change the world“

These are the words of 21-year-old singer and songwriter SOFYKA. She found her way to God at the age of 13. A decision that turned her whole understanding of life upside down. It shaped her so much that she began to align her entire life and also her music with Christianity. SOFYKA stands for freedom and courage. A pioneer of her generation.

In her new single “A fool to change the world” she describes how her path has not always been easy. SOFYKA has been confronted with setbacks, with people who don’t understand her vision and who are critical of her beliefs.

For the young woman from Mannheim, Germany, these initially difficult moments soon became the greatest incentive to pursue her dreams with full conviction. She is now more than ever wanting to share her personal story with the world.

In order to give the song a tangible message, SOFYKA shot a music video in downtown Cologne. A spontaneous dance session with her friends and encounters with strangers on the street are authentically captured by the camera. The reactions of pedestrians during the film are consistently positive. An unusual depth and affection develops between the viewer and the characters. This is how we see SOFYKA herself as part of the big change process. True to the motto: If I can do it, then you can do it too.

Producer Ludvic gives the song the energy it needs to convey SOFYKA’s message through innovative percussion sounds. With a demanding beat that makes you dance, an infectious melody that gets stuck in your head and lyrics that move you to tears, “A fool to change the world” manages to find its way as a radio tune even outside of the Christian scene.

“I really want to change lives with my song. It should encourage people who have the feeling of not fitting in to never give up their big dreams. People like Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein and Sophie Scholl made history because they made the impossible possible. When they stood up for a vision and stood up to the voices of haters they were portrayed as total clowns back then, but in this day and age we celebrate their great bravery and envy their perseverance in working through hard times just so we can now live in a present in which their dreams have become alive.“

SOFYKA has already fulfilled part of her own dreams: After graduating from high school, she lived in America for 2 years, attended Bethel School in California and began to write her first songs. She released her debut single “Zion” in 2021, whereupon DJs and producers became aware of her extraordinary voice. In 2022 there have been a number of collaborations with SOFYKA as a featuring artist collecting more than 2 million plays on digital streaming platforms. She was also named a Top 100 artist on Australian Christian Radio in 2022.

But right now it’s time for her next single “A Fool To Change The World”. And SOFYKA is ready to be that fool.

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