Nomis & Propaganda are reminding us to pause on "Forest"

Nomis & Propaganda are reminding us to pause on “Forest”

Music is a medium that is constantly growing and evolving. When a new sound starts to emerge, it quickly spreads like a virus to other artists and consumers within the genre. Everyone wants a piece. Almost as fast, it then begins to bleed into other genres and before you know it, a new standard has been set for every artist to emulate. “Pop Radio” is now draped in new garments. But by this point, the music has already begun to shift and evolve again. The next thing is already on the horizon.

This is also true for countless sources of self expression and artistic endeavor. One month on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok will prove this to be true over and over again. But in an era where people are trained to always be looking for what’s next, we must pause. We must take a moment to examine and acknowledge what has already been. Every King sits on a throne that was warm when they arrived, and is warming for a King still to come.

In “Forest”, Nomis & Propaganda are reminding us to pause. They are reminding us that we didn’t build the thrones that we currently occupy. As the song says, “Before you found your voice, there was a chorus. Before you take your throne, you must restore it”. No matter how well we’ve done, or how far we have taken our individual kingdoms, there was royalty that came before us. The soil of that kingdom was already rich. All twelve notes of the western hemisphere existed long before we learned to sing. That throne was constructed well before our conception. In harmony we sing, “Before they chopped them down, there was a Forest”. There is much to glean from the Kings & Queens of our past. Even the ones the world has forgotten. “Man lives, man dies, man has perfected, but man lacks perspective”.

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