Exclusive Early Premiere: Trampolines - HEY YOU ft. Aaron Cole

Exclusive Early Premiere: Trampolines – HEY YOU ft. Aaron Cole

HEY YOU! Yes, YOU! Guess what? We’ve got the exclusive video premiere for Trampolines’ new single HEY YOU featuring the awesome Aaron Cole a whole day before it releases to the world tomorrow. Yes, really, we do! So read the blurb about the song below (which starts off in the most Trampolines way possible!), get hyped, click play and enjoy! Oh and turn the AC on because, you know, Aaron Cole…AC…yeah, you get it!

“This song literally started as a joke, wearing fake mustaches and sampling random sounds to build a fun instrumental. As it became this good feely funky pop track, we felt like it needed to promote an intentional “Come Together” unifying message. In a world where our parents argue politics and build walls between each other, we wanted to build a bridge, and ‘Do what the man just said’ regarding the striving for peace and loving our brothers and sisters that Jesus talked about. The Gotee Records crew have been friends and mentors for years so it felt necessary to have Aaron Cole come in and bring a whole new energy. Come Together Y’all.” -Lane Terzieff of Trampolines, from the back alleys of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia while on mission.

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UPDATE: The exclusive early premiere is over, the video will be available again after 8am central time today, Friday 27th January.