Gracie Jean demystifies sadness with powerful debut alt-country album, ‘Romance Is Bad’

Gracie Jean demystifies sadness with powerful debut alt-country album, ‘Romance Is Bad’

Delving deep into a world of intricate storytelling and a heart beautifully aware of the feelings and emotions experienced by the human race, Australia’s up and coming alt-country/folk artist, Gracie Jean debuted her powerful album, ‘Romance Is Bad’, Friday 16th September, 2022.

Compared to artists such as Taylor Swift, Kacey Musgraves, Isobel Knight and Holli Col, Gracie Jean shares raw, honest and melancholic lyrics, fused with uplifting and inspiring melodies and harmonies, to paint a holistic picture of human emotion through her 9 track, ‘sad girl starter kit’ album, ‘Romance Is Bad’.

“I really wanted to convey the idea that it’s okay to feel sad, and to voice that sadness. I think often people tend to try and avoid all sad feelings. We put on masks and we ‘switch off’ the sadness when we interact with one another. I just wanted to make an album on songs where I said exactly what was on my mind. I want these songs to inspire vulnerability in others.” Gracie Jean

Produced and mixed by Matt Wykniet in Nauti Studios (Standmore) and Mastered by Harvey O’Sullivan at Studio 303, the collection of 9 songs were written by Gracie Jean as a way of processing the feelings of sadness that she had been experiencing through her own experience of clinical depression and the emotions associated with the challenges of her mother’s 6 year journey of chronic heart failure and her parent’s marriage breakdown and her own relationship breakdowns.

“Sometimes life is just hard, and you must make a choice, sink or swim. So far, I’ve chosen to swim every single time. My songs are inspired by all the people I know who must carry so much on their shoulders every day, and who aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, and to share their struggles with people who love them. I would love to see a world where in our communities or families we carry one another’s burdens and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and ask for help.” Gracie Jean

Hailing from the East Coast of NSW, Australia, Gracie Jean is a storyteller, artist, nature lover and Christian with a lot of feelings.  As a timid child music became an outlet to express her feelings when her confidence was in short supply. Encouraged by her grandfather who pitch tested her at 5 years of age, and saw incredible potential in her abilities, Gracie began to discover who she was in music and what she was truly capable of, leading her to the journey she is living today.

Gracie Jean is new to the music scene and has been sauntering up onto stages around Sydney’s Inner-West, getting audiences to smile, and tap their toes to original tunes.

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