Guni Drops New Hip-Hop Single ‘No Coincidence’

Guni Drops New Hip-Hop Single ‘No Coincidence’

Produced by Skeyez & Caleb Bryant, Guni releases his new single named ‘No Coincidence’ on 16th December.

Guni, the 22-year-old multi-genre artist from Birmingham, UK has a faith-based foundation to his music. Originally coming from the grime scene, he now branches to many different sounds and tempos which is apparent in ‘No Coincidence’ as he flows to a hip-hop style. Being a multi-genre artist, you never know what sound you’ll get with Guni, but the authenticity of his music and lyrics will still be there whether he is singing or rapping.

A mellow follow up to ‘He Is Working’ released back in September, ‘No Coincidence’ is a real and raw insight to UK based artist Guni’s life, where he reflects on some of the thoughts that cross his mind. Skeyez & Caleb Bryant collaborated to create a soft and emotional instrumental with smooth synths and wind instruments that leave room for Guni’s relatable and impactful lyrics. Written and recorded in his bedroom, Guni poured his mind and heart into this record and states, “all our role models got something on their waste bands, they don’t show us wisdom they just show us how to make grands.” Being heartbroken from a young age, Guni speaks life into the streets through his music in the hope to help others all over the world, starting in Birmingham. Being unique to other rappers and speaking from the heart and about how he feels, Guni states that it’s ‘no coincidence’ that when he spits (raps his lyrics) it’s something real.

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