Craig Smith's Devotional on the Lord’s Prayer Raises $250,000 for Missions in 3 Months

Craig Smith’s Devotional on the Lord’s Prayer Raises $250,000 for Missions in 3 Months

Since the concept for the Awake In the Dawn: Living the Lord’s Prayer devotional was conceived, author Craig Smith planned to use 100% of the proceeds from the project to raise funds for Village2Village. Now, just 3 months after its release, over $250,000 has been raised and lives are being transformed in Thailand, Uganda, El Salvador, and in the state of Arkansas.

“It’s not about us. God is up to something. He is moving,” shares Craig. “It has been incredible to see how this simple book is not only impacting the lives of the readers, but of under-served children whose lives are being transformed.”

Awake In the Dawn is a fresh, new devotional concept. The book is a year-long journey, applying the Lord’s Prayer to our daily lives. The book gives readers a simple offering of encouragement designed to help readers start their day, reflecting on one of the most beautiful gifts offered in scripture – The Lord’s Prayer.  

“The simplicity of the gospel is often lost in our busy lives,” shares Craig. “Awake in the Dawn is an invitation to give God our full attention, even for just a few minutes, it is transformative. It sets the tone for more than just the day, but for our entire lives.”  

All of the profits from the book go to support Village2Village, a faith-based non-profit that builds a culture of hope in under-served regions around the world. V2V believes that true transformation can only come from a personal relationship with Christ. The organization’s campuses, known as Hope Villages, currently serve communities in Northwest Arkansas, Uganda, and Northeast Thailand.

Village2Village is dedicated to meeting both the spiritual and practical needs of these communities, breaking the devastating cycles of addiction, broken homes, and poverty. They help children develop a Biblical worldview while supporting families through educational programs, job training, and agricultural opportunities. Already the funds from the book are being used to build housing for teachers in Uganda and adding a second floor to their Hope Village in El Salvador. 

Craig Smith is a beloved pastor, musician, and teacher based in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. While he has pastored his home church for nearly three decades, his heart is to see the broader body of Christ genuinely deepen their relationship with God which comes from spending more quiet time with Him. That was a pattern of Jesus. One way to do this is to point people to the Lord’s Prayer. 

Awake In the Dawn follows the seven main themes of the Lord’s Prayer, and is broken into three sections: Word, a Scripture included for meditation; Thought, a reflection on the Scripture or the day’s theme; and Prayer, a guide offered to enter into conversation with the Lord. Daily, the project leads readers into the strength, wisdom, and spiritual adventure of actively living the Lord’s Prayer.

Craig continues, “I hope Awake In the Dawn truly awakens a new love in readers. A love for prayer. A love for scripture. And a strong connection with our Father that will transform lives, families, and communities.”

Awake in the Dawn by Craig Smith is published by Forefront Books, and is available at all major book retailers and online.

Source: Biscuit Media Group