Mossy’s Release Radar 12/02/22: Let's Rock!

Mossy’s Release Radar 12/02/22: Let’s Rock!

All of this week’s new releases and videos can be seen here and here respectively (or at least the ones I know about/have time to round up!). Below are some of my highlights. Like rock? Good coz so do I! There’s a lot of it this week. Want more rock? Check back on Monday for Katie’s awesome Rock News Roundup column.

Dropped new music or visuals today? Let us know here & here respectively.

Featured Release

Kutless and Disciple, two bands I loved all those many years ago in my teens, join forces for an rocking apocolyptic song and you thought I’d featured a different release here? You must be mental! My ears are really happy right now! I can never get enough of Jon Micah’s rock vocals! You can find out more in our article here, and stream the single here.

Featured Releases

Zahna has something to fight for in Die For Something featuring her husband NESDAM. Love the switch ups in this! Preorder her new album Stronger Than Death out February 10th on physical here or digital here.

Christmas music is not my thing but this track from Toyalove and Mike Teezy really is!

Similarly I’m not into Instrumental music but this EP from Fight The Fade will be used many a time to work to going forward!

Don’t sleep on Today today! Shepherd, George.Rose & Mission delivered on this one

Honestly I’m yet to listen to this new Unplugged album from RED but it’s RED…Until We Have Faces…live…and unplugged…need I say more?! I didn’t think so!

Kevinho Fe is a name you need to know about, simple as! Here’s Falling Down.

116 x Limoblaze x Rehmaz x Emandiong present the Afrobeat Silent Night

Manafest covered one of the soundtracks of my teens, Linkin Park’s Crawling so I’m all over this! I like how different this cover feels.

Christmas Time Is Here! and so is the best singer in the world, Patthew Marker! He’s back with his good friends Mavvy Parkasaurus and Matthew Parker to celebrate the season aaaand his singing talents. This is the best song you’ll hear in this list if it’s the only song you’ll hear in this list!

Featured Videos

I prefer this acoustic version better than the original. There, I said it! You’ll soon agree with me though I’m sure, as soon as you hit play…

Derek Minor, Thi’sl & Aaron Cole are refined by the Pressure.

Matthew West reflects on what he’ll do While I Can in this moving piece of food for thought!

“How can you repay the gift of life?”

That is a very good question! Maybe watching this performance video of Silent Night (HUSH) Remix ft. Crystal Nicole & Q Parker will help you process that question as it did me.

Let’s talk about Elf Awareness with Crowder and The Elf Song…(Stream Milk & Cookies: A Merry Crowder Christmas album)

Did you miss RaJan Monroe’s 25 days of bars in 2018? He’s currently representing them so now’s the perfect time to subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow along for the first time.

Something I’ve missed recently

It’s Christmas music…it’s CCM artists…yep, I rushed past this a couple of weeks ago, not giving it a second glance. Until now! This is beautiful, well shot and is definitely not to be skipped over. My bad!

The How Ridiculous Spot

Well can it? I guess you’ll just have to watch to find out…

I hope these roundups introduce you to a few new artists each week and hopefully in writing these I get introduced to a few new artists too. What was your favorite new release or video from today? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll see you soon for my next roundup.