A guitar, a drone and a hymn: Sky Hymnal Takes Flight! 

A guitar, a drone and a hymn: Sky Hymnal Takes Flight! 

Artist Garden Entertainment launches unique worship experience with new artist, Sky Hymnal.

While the 2020 pandemic flooded many minds with fear and uncertainty, it actually served as a catalyst for the birth of something new for worship musician Nate Sousa and Artist Garden Entertainment’s Keith Stancil. During the time when much of the world was locking down and bringing normal activity to a halt, Sousa and Stancil were dreaming up a new way of expressing worship music branded Sky Hymnal.

Sky Hymnal can simply be described as a guitar, a drone and a hymn. Merging Sousa’s beautiful ambient guitar arrangements of hymns with drone video footage of landscape and architecture, creates a video experience that serves as both a resource for the church and for individual enjoyment. 

“I have a vivd memory of the first time I heard Nate perform one of his ambient guitar arrangements during a worship service about five years ago.” states Stancil. “Something stirred inside as I experienced worship like never before. Little did I know, God was planting a seed that would eventually bring Nate & I together to collaborate on something unique and speciall”

Sky Hymnal launches this Christmas with “Silent Night” which is available as both audio only on all streaming platforms and as a video with beautiful drone footage of Christmas lights. The video features Christmas lights around Nashville TN, historic downtown Franklin and Brentwood TN. 

Sky Hymnal has entered a partnership with Sermon Central, to make Sky Hymnal videos downloadable as a worship resource for churches around the world.

Source: Artist Garden Entertainment