Mossy’s Release Radar 11/11/22 + Ty Brasel - Transcendent Album Trailer

Mossy’s Release Radar 11/11/22

All of this week’s new releases and videos can be seen here and here respectively (or at least the ones I know about/have time to round up!). Below are some of my highlights.

Dropped new music or visuals today? Let us know here & here respectively.

Featured Release

Ty Brasel has really become one of those artists I know to expect quality from with every new release, which is reassuring in today’s “release as often as possible” culture. Ty’s much anticipated new album Transcendent has arrived along with one of the best album trailers I’ve seen for a while. If the following video doesn’t make you want to explore Transcendent, I’m not sure anything else will!

New Releases

Miles Minnick’s Holographic could so easily have been my featured album for today, and it debuting as the #1 Christian album and #15 album overall shows why. Miles’ stock has soared at the speed of light recently and it’s through nothing but hard work and being authentically himself (with just a “small” helping hand from God!). My only complaint about Holographic would be it’s not longer but that’s always a good sign isn’t it?! So turn the volume up to 11 and bump the album ASAP and LET’S GLOOOO!

The whole of Bizzle’s new single Bamboozled challenges a lot but the thoughts from 4:40 onwards hit me HARD on friday and is going to be challenging me for quite some time yet!

If you’re a fellow rocker there aren’t many Christmas releases for you to enjoy. The team at Rockfest Records has now seen to that! A Merry Rockfest Christmas is now in session…

SoulBox are celebrating Amazing Grace in a tremendously encouraging song

I Am Spartacus hope you have a Lukewarm Holiday…and I agreed! (Read his heart behind this song here)

3HRE & Walik are doing it All for the King

Propaganda’s Terraform: The Soil (EP) is out today. Here’s the video for Soil Is Sacred ft. theBeatbreaker

New Videos

1K Phew & WHATUPRG take on Father Abraham in the arcade in their new video. Stream 1K Phew’s As I Am album here.

Bryann T is about All Things Kingdom

Any time Loso drops a new single/video I stop what I’m doing, plug headphones in and enjoy it entirely present. And with the amount of music I consume that’s saying something! I recommend you do exactly the same with Loso’s new single Im Coming Back, it’s a knockout experience. Stream it here.

I don’t wanna live like this either Gable Price and Friends!

These 2 Collision of Innocence songs officially launch next Friday but they’ve just dropped them on YouTube! Enjoy…

Enjoy this visit to the Marshmallow World with Francesca Battistelli! Apparently “The world is my snowball”…I think I need to get my weights training in! (and remember to celebrate Thanksgiving with I Am Spartacus above first before Christmas!)

Rare of Breed says “Rest” is for “those who’ve been worn down, stressed, and anxious, this song is for you. Instead of relying on our own strength to deal with things, it’s time to place it in God’s hands and find ‘Rest’ in His finished work.” So here’s your moment of rest for today…

and it never hurts to finish off with a bit of worship now does it it? Here’s Matt Redman with The Praise Is Yours live from The Mission.

and something a bit more energetic from Planetshakers! “Jesus you are Greater than everything”!!

The How Ridiculous Slot

The new How Ridiculous video is a “turn your hat backwards” video. Yep, it’s THAT cool!

I hope these roundups introduce you to a few new artists each week. I’m aiming to have these up every Friday from hereon out.

What was your favorite new release from Friday? Let me know in the comments below.

I hope everyone has a great week and I’ll see you at some point on Friday/over the weekend for the next roundup.