rock News Roundup 129

Rock News Roundup 129

Hey rockers and welcome back to this week’s rock news roundup! Check below to see what your favorite rock artists are up to this week.

Trevor Talks latest podcast episode features Ryan Kirby of Fit For A King. This episode is so eye opening in so many ways. It focuses on the different ways that the circumstances we may or may not control can create a type of hell for us and how it may not just affect us. Ryan is very open about what his wife, himself, and his adopted children are going through. He explains how FFAK’s new album “The Hell We Create” was a result of all hardships they are going through. If you or someone you know is going through a mental or physical health crisis, please check out this episode. Thank you to both Ryan and Trevor for being so open about what you are both going through.

3 Days Under released their newest single “Bring Out Your Dead”. It’s my favorite song of theirs to date. Instrumentally, vocally, and lyrically, it is all on point! The lyrics bring biblical stories/applications to life. Jesus restored and still restores the lame, blind, and the dead. Both physical and spiritual death can be restored once we have faith like a child in Jesus, and this song gives a great visual for that. Also sidenote: the skeletons in the video remind me of that Old Testament story (Ezekiel 37) with a valley of bones being brought back to life.

Kutless and Honor & Glory will be in Ohio on December 3rd. Check out a post about that here and find out more info+ tickets here! You won’t want to miss this one!

Torn Sky just released their new EP “The Higher”. Check out the playlist for it below or stream it on your favorite platform now! What is ya’ll’s favorite song? Them Bones is my own favorite off the EP for sure.

Rusty Shipp released their new concept album “Dark Side of the Ocean” and you can check out more information on that by checking out their post about it here. Listen to the playlist of the album below or go here for other ways to listen!

Undefeated dropped a lyric video for brand-new song “Choke”. Check it out below. For me personally, the lyrics sound like it is about standing against someone who is trying to change us and what we stand for. To quote the kids these days, this song is a bop, no cap! Haha, but seriously, great job guys!

Hold on to your seats guys, because the one and only Pillar is giving a teaser about something on the way! Check out the teaser here! Anyone else having their mind blown??

All Above Me has some saddening news to share. They announced that this is the last year they will be together as a band. Check out their statement about that here. It’s always sad when a band dissolves. However I completely respect their decision and I pray they continue to go where God leads and to shine His light. <3

Introducing the new All Above Me; A Chat with Guiller Contreras

And last but certainly not least, check this post out from Flyleaf! Hearing the word Flyleaf attached to Lacey Sturm makes me freak out! We cannot wait to hear more on what this could possibly mean. We do happen to know that Flyleaf (with Lacey Sturm) will be at a huge music festival called “Sick New World Festival”. Check out the post about that here! Is this real life or is it just fantasy? You won’t want to miss out on this festival!!!

That ends this week’s rock news roundup. For those who read my article last week, Chad Fenner is back home and looks to be on the mend. Thank you all for your prayers! I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I hope to see you back here next week! May God bless and keep you all.

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