World Gone Cold Release Debut Self-Titled EP via Rockfest Records

Rock News Roundup 128

Hey rockers and welcome back to this week’s rock news roundup! Check below to see what your favorite rock artists are up to this week.

Disciple has some extremely exciting news! They have been added to the Winter Jam lineup! Check out their post about it here for more information. Let’s hype this up on social media and go to a tour date near us to show the music industry that the rock crowd is still around, and that the genre can be used for the glory of God!

Kutless released their second episode of their podcast “Rock in a Hard Place”. Check it out via here to hear about their first tour, #turkey facts, and so much more! These guys are just the best. That’s all I have to say. The best.

Kutless launches new podcast titled Rock In a Hard Place

We Came As Romans released a music video for “Promise You” off their new album “Darkbloom”. It’s one of the deep in the feels type of songs. Check it out below and go here to find the album on your favorite platform now! [Full disclosure: this isn’t within our usual remit of music to promote here on JesusWired, and the album does include an explicit track, but there was no way we couldn’t include this track here]

Fit For a King‘s new album “The Hell We Create” is now out! Check out the album on a playlist below or buy/stream on your favorite platform. I hype up albums a lot, but man! Writing these articles has changed my perspective on the type of music I like, and this album just hits different!

RockFest Records announced they are throwing a free virtual Christmas Party this week to listen to their Christmas album early! Check out their post about that here for more information and sign up here to go (the additional spaces will go extremely quick!). Trust me, you are going to want to tune in!

 RockFest Records also has some groundbreaking news to share. They announced they signed a new band, and when I say new, I don’t mean just to the label. It was just announced a new band called “World Gone Cold” has been newly formed by a few members of some of the most epic bands in this scene. Check out the post about that here to see who is involved! I think my mind has exploded from sheer awesomeness! 

That ends this week’s rock news roundup. Before you go, there is one more thing I would like to add: If you are heavily involved in the Christian Rock/Metal scene, chances are you know who Chad Fenner (of Concert Fotos) is. If you don’t know his name, you will have certainly seen his photos over the years. Chad was at a Petra show two nights ago and he suffered a major heart attack. The last I heard is he is recovering in the hospital. Chad is a friend and an inspiration of mine in the world of photography. Please pray for his complete recovery, and for his family during this time. With that said, I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I hope to see you back here next week! May God bless and keep you all.

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