Rusty Shipp Release Long-Anticipated Concept Album

Rusty Shipp Release Long-Anticipated Concept Album

After releasing NINE new singles in 2022 from their upcoming album — officially titled “Cosmic Innuendo, Vol. 1: Dark Side of the Ocean” — which includes the radio hits “Bottom of the Barrel” and “What’s Kraken?”, Rusty Shipp have finally released the long-anticipated, full-length concept album to the public on digital streaming and retail platforms on Friday, October 28th.

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The album stands as an artistic landmark for the band, being their first full-length concept album to be included in a larger, successive story arc, titled “Cosmic Innuendo.” Aside from occasional nods to the famous Pink Floyd album, the album conceptually emphasizes the balance between dark and light, descent and ascent, men and angels. The first half of the album (21 ½ minutes) called “DESCENT” follows the descent of a drowned sailor sinking past undiscovered creatures and mysteries to the bottom of the ocean where his soul is intercepted by a group of sea angels and taken to their underwater kingdom. The second half of the album (21 ½ minutes) is called “ASCENT” and explores this angelic kingdom, ruled by “Poseidon” the Ocean’s King Archangel. After debating the danger involved, the angels decide to ascend and see why men’s souls are sinking so often from the ocean’s surface, feeling a duty to help these men in the world above the waves, which the angels ironically call “Heaven.”

Following this theme of balance, the songs create a diverse tapestry of eclectic genres (grunge, surf, punk, ska, reggae, metal, acoustic, etc) and innovative artistry, while each song also stands on its own as single-worthy with catchy riffs and melodic hooks that give each a pop commerciality. Beneath the surface of the artistic imagery of sea angels, the philosophical messages in each song reflect the angst and conflict that can clearly be traced back to the climate of 2020, in which the lyrics were written. Yet while confronting the issues of 2020 that tore the world apart, the songs carefully shift the perspective of the listener to the things that will bring us all together again, the real hope that is available to every soul on the planet.

“Down at the Bottom of the Barrel, still your love is bottomless
The weight of the world is crushing me to a pulp, but it brings my soul to the surface
And if I make my bed in Mariana Trench, I’m welcomed to a city that’s lit
Bioluminescence” -lyrics from ‘Bottom of the Barrel’

ACCOLADES: Singles “Bottom of the Barrel” and “What’s Kraken?” rose to the top 10 most played rock songs in the nation on Christian Music Weekly’s radio chart (#6 and #9), BigBigHit’s USA Rock Hits and Breaking Rock Top 10 charts, and RadioU’s Top 10 Most Wanted Songs (per listener requests), among other charts. The music video was premiered exclusively for an early release on CCM Magazine and was featured prominently in the CCM Magazine weekly newsletter.

“Rusty Shipp returned with a brand new single called ‘Bottom Of The Barrel’…already it’s a contender for my favorite song of the year.” – Andy Herrin, 102.9 FM The Buzz, Nashville‘s Rock Station

Previous Accolades: named Rusty Shipp’s ‘Liquid Exorcist’ the #10 album of 2019 (alongside albums by Switchfoot, Disciple, Demon Hunter, and Norma Jean), and awarded them five awards in the fan-voted 2020 JFH Awards (including Artist and Album of the Year). The album also was nominated for Alternative Rock Album and Alternative Rock Song in the 2019 Grizzly Awards. Effect Radio also included Rusty Shipp in their “Top 30 Artists of 2020.”

Rusty Shipp is a Nashville-based hard rock band that combines Beatlesque melodies, surf and grunge riffs, and philosophical lyrics to create what they call Nautical Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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