Riddle Me This Unveils Music Video For 'The Un-Necessities'

Riddle Me This? Unveils Music Video For ‘The Un-Necessities’

Broadhead Music Group’s Riddle Me This?, an energetic, unique and engaging Christian Rock artist, has unveiled the music video for its latest single ‘The Un-Necessities‘. The track is taken from its anticipated self-titled debut album, released last month, which also includes recent singles ‘Hey You‘ and ‘Bang! Bang!‘.

David Dixon, the voice behind Riddle Me This, explains the story behind the song:

“The Un-Necessities is a song I wrote from the Perspective of Satan and a friend of the girl who follows him. Satan in the song uses Hollywood to entice the young girl into his world. He gives her everything she desires here on Earth and makes her a wealthy Hollywood Star. However, she soon realizes that things aren’t as glamorous as they seemed and she became enslaved to the Hollywood Lifestyle and Satan controls everything. Even still it’s not too late tot turn to Christ and become Born Again as a Child of God, yet she never does. Her friend in the song is devastated because as a True follower of Christ he knows she is lost and completely enslaved by Satan.

The last few lines in the song, “Why did you go there so naïve and unaware, no one can save you why did you follow through with this?” He knows she has given her soul and her life completely over to Satan. By the end of the song, she dies and ends up in Hell.

The song is very dark in tone, but it represents the full scope of the Gospel. There is no hope without Jesus and because of her continual rejection of Christ there is no happy ending for her. I wrote this with the intention that it would be so heavy and dark because there is a real danger in chasing the things of this world. The Bible teaches that you can’t serve two masters, you can’t be worldly and be a Christian. The Bible also teaches the harsh, sad reality that there will only be a small handful of people that will go to Heaven. There aren’t very many TRUE Christians (followers of Christ, not FANS of Christ) in this world. Even in Christian Music, you see it all the time. People become apathetic to the Gospel. They become caught up in the false glamour of being a musician on stage praised by the people they are performing for. They succumb to pride and begin to serve their own desires and end up just like the girl in the song.

Not just “Christian” musicians, but even people that go to Church and live a seemingly Christian life. So many people are deceived and think they are saved and they become religious. They never surrender their lives to Jesus, they don’t repent of their sins, and they never become children of God. This unfortunately is a sad reality. It’s our job as Christians to go out and tell them the Gospel. To tell them to really look deep into their own selves so that they make sure they are truly, truly saved and have surrendered their life to Jesus.

I’m no one special and Riddle Me This is just a ministry that Jesus has allowed me to lead and be a part of. However, without Christ Riddle Me This is nothing and means nothing. My songs can’t save anyone, my words are powerless. The ONLY thing that Riddle Me This does is point people to HIS words and to Jesus himself. ONLY Christ can save you, and ONLY Christ’s words matter. The Un-Necessities represents the millions of people that WILL go to Hell. A Very rare few will end up a star like the girl in the song, but millions upon millions are enticed and led astray by Satan. I used Hollywood because those same millions are influenced by Hollywood. Hollywood Music and Movies has always been a powerful and successful tool of Satan. People are influenced and told what to wear, what to like, who to worship, what political agenda to support, etc. It works, the world becomes accepting of sin. The world begins to see Evil as good. You can tell when you walk into any “National Chain Store” and Hollywood takes a comic book villain who tortures people, murders people, is completely psychotic and they market this to children as young as 5. Yes, I am talking about a certain “un-named” female villain; and they made her a hero and role model and the world eats it down like candy. That’s just one example and there are millions more.

The point is this, in the Bible Jesus teaches us that there is a narrow path to Heaven and few will find it. Broad is the way to destruction (Hell) and millions are on that Highway to Hell. We need to start seeing the world as if it were on fire. We need to reach out to people with a sense of urgency and love, and recue them from the fire. We can’t save them, but we can show them the way out and lead them to Christ. The Un-Necessities is the reality of one day we are going to be friend in the song. On Judgment Day we are going to see loved ones, friends and family be cast into the lake of fire. On that day many of us will hear them say, “Why didn’t you tell me?” It’s not our fault they reject the Gospel, but we are partly responsible if we never tell people the Gospel and point them to Christ. I beg everyone reading this, make sure you are saved and a Child of God. Search within yourself to make sure you know that you know that you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are his. To those that are True Christians, the time is now to get out there and spread the truth of the Gospel. Jesus is coming back soon and we all have work to do. Every one of us is called to spread the Gospel and lead people to Christ. I love you guys and I can’t thank all of you enough for the continued support!!”

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