Katie Lighty Releases New Single: “Familiar”

Katie Lighty Releases New Single: “Familiar”

If there were ever a song that encapsulates Katie Lighty’s relationship with God it would be ‘Familiar’. With an incredible knack for pinpointing what really matters, Lighty is at her best as she penned this song from her living room piano mid summer of 2022.

Lighty felt impressed again to invest into her songwriting after some time off. ‘Familiar’ just happened to be the first song that came her way. It’s a recalling of a difficult season for her and her family. In the midst of that season, she remembers hearing God’s voice impress upon her heart, how much He loved her and hadn’t forgotten her. The intention is to bring a surge of hope to others. Similar to what Katie recalls as “the light she needed” during that painful season.

A few months later she met up once again with producer Sajan Nauriyal to work on the song. “The production for this one came very quickly. We were basically done with it in a day” says Lighty. This song went from being an intimate piano song to a soaring declaration of who we become in Christ when we lean into his familiar voice. This song did bring about a flurry of new songs that have already been recorded and produced. Lighty hopes to release that collection of songs in early 2023.

“My hope for this song is that it reminds people of the familiarity of God’s voice and presence in their lives. He wants to be familiar with you. He is your true comfort in those times of pain and trials. I pray that people would want to pursue and lean into His voice as they listen.” Familiar is available now on all platforms.

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