Christian pop band Park 7 release new single

Christian pop band Park 7 release new single

Finnish Christian pop rock band Park 7 has released a new single “I Still Believe” with a beautiful video that can be viewed below. “I Still Believe” song is a catchy pop song about hope. It’s about letting go of all the fear, loneliness and anxiety. Whatever happens, there is always hope.

The band worked for the first time with Eurovision song contest representative Topi Latukka from Softengine. Singer-songwriter Miika Lamminmäki says the song kind of wrote itself in a single day.

“The songwriting felt like a therapy session for all of us. When it was ready we kept texting each other messages like this, even in the middle of the night: ”This song won’t stop playing in my head. How about you?” ”Yeah same here, and it has been going on for a week.”

Park 7 have played hundreds of shows in Europe and in the USA and released three studio albums. The band was signed to Burtonwood Records (Nashville Label Group) in 2020 and became the first international band in the label’s history. Burtonwood Records is distributed by Capitol CMG (Universal Music Group). Park 7 is passionate about bringing hope through their music to all their fans and everyone they meet.

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