Matt Sassano Teams Up With TheHopeLine To Launch “My Dear God Letters” Initiative

Chart-topping Christian rock radio vocalist Matt Sassano is proudly partnering with nonprofit organization TheHopeLine to launch the “My Dear God Letters” initiative. The initiative aligns with the message of his In Defiance EP, which was released in August via Rockfest Records. Sassano’s music is a call to action to the listener to stand in defiance to whatever makes them feel alone, depressed or powerless. The initiative is putting words into action and providing a safe environment with professional support from TheHopeLine to share stories and seek support from a welcoming community. The landing page also gives his fans an opportunity to learn more about his backstory, which is riddled with mental health struggles, abuse, and disabilities. Together, Sassano hopes to get honest with his fanbase and come together stronger than ever before.

You can visit the My Dear God Letters landing page here

About the initiative:

“We are hoping for a variety of submissions from people who just are tired of  ‘faking it’ and want a place to be real with how they feel and what they are dealing with. I sincerely believe the first step to mental health healing is being transparent about the ugly things nobody wants to confront. My Dear God letter gives you that chance.” – Matt Sassano

About TheHopeLine:

“As a person who has suffered mental health issues in the past, I resonate with TheHopeLine’s mission. I was once a kid locked away in a psych ward with not many people who even cared to visit me. It was dark. But later I saw things turn around and I was a mental health aide in a psych facility. I’m living proof that you CAN turn things around with both prayer, support and help. I believe what TheHopeLine does and am passionate about helping people find the same healing I did.” – Matt Sassano

Though Matt Sassano launched his solo career in 2016, his roots in rock music run deep with his bands Transparent and Transparent Soul. His six years with these rock ensembles prepared him for sharing his debut solo LP Transcend in 2019, driven by energetic synths and raw storytelling. His passion for Christianity, songwriting and music creation have helped him navigate life with Cerebral Palsy and the rare learning disability Dyscalculia. Not only has he connected with fellow underdogs everywhere through his craft, but Matt’s work was also featured on the 2012 NASCAR The Game: Inside Line. As Matt ventures into a new chapter of his musical career with the awe-inspiring and riff-laden In Defiance, it’s clear his heavy rock journey is far from over. 

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Source: WTF Publicity