Samuel Day releases electrifying music video for his song “Rise”

Samuel Day releases electrifying music video for his song “Rise”

Independent Christian pop artist Samuel Day has released an electrifying music video for his song “Rise,” a track that spent 27 weeks on CMW’s Rhythmic chart. The video is available on YouTube as of October 5.

“The new music video for ‘Rise’ infuses energetic, hip hop-inspired dance with a futurepunk aesthetic,” Samuel Day explains. “As a pop artist, I really wanted to double down on creating high-level, engaging visuals.”

The result is a video that plays with color, light and choreography to create a multi-faceted sensory experience that matches the electronic musical tone. Samuel says, “I’d never done anything with dance before. I realized it could be visually powerful, so I started researching styles and wardrobe and found myself inspired by a lot of elements of K-Pop. The confidence in that style of choreo immediately fit with the anthemic nature of ‘Rise:’ it’s a song all about moving forward with confidence even when you may have been overlooked in the past, while still staying humble.”

To bring that vision to life, the multi-talented singer and songwriter enlisted the dancing talent of Montana Bridgeford and Emma Zancan. The video was filmed by Andrew Wirrig.

That collaborative approach signifies a shift in Samuel’s artistry in general. As he has enjoyed charting success with songs like “Rise,” “This Love” and “Warrior Spirit,” the independent artist is increasingly able to draw on other outstanding creatives to support his momentum.

“The engaging thing is the amount of creative freedom these projects afford, but that also comes with responsibility,” Samuel admits. “It’s great to see a team come together. With each new project, I’ve been able to delegate more and more. My bassist Brad Tillery had an open trailer and truck that we used to mount our lights on, and our Assistant Director Tiffany Adamson posted up there in a lawn chair— braving the cold for hours. My mom modified the masks so they’d work better for the dancers, and we scouted locations together. I have to shout out Montana Bridgeford and Emma Zancan for not only choreographing the video, but dancing with a limited field of vision. They were definitely troopers!

The resulting video is one that is marked quite literally by forward motion. Viewers see Samuel and the dancers steadily walking forward, through light and dark, through fire and ice.

“One of my main focuses is giving a voice to victory, writing with a lot of dimension while giving people words to grab onto,” Samuel shares. “The victory that Jesus has given us is something we need to be reminded of, no matter what we face. Music is a great way to do that.”

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Source: Mary Nikkel Media