Hard Rock Band Red Letter Rising Release 'Truth of Life'

Hard Rock Band Red Letter Rising Release ‘Truth of Life’

Christian Hard Rock band Red Letter Rising have released their latest single on all music platforms. ‘Truth of Life‘ features Miggy from the band Relent, and arrives ahead of their forthcoming debut album ‘Echoes of Eden‘ releasing later this year.

“‘Truth of Life’ is a story of my life growing up as a troubled kid, and how God brought me out. This song was an absolute pain in my side”, jokes frontman David Bean.

“I rewrote the lyrics at least five times. After feeling like there was nothing I could do for it, my engineer and producer Dylan McLain suggested I see if Miggy from Relent would be willing to jump on it.

The light bulb was brighter than the sun. I instantly reached out to Miggy, and shared with him my struggle and desire for the song. Miggy was more than helpful and inspiring. With a new outlook and inspiration, I went back to the drawing board.

Like our first single, ‘Identity: Christ Is’, ‘Truth of Life’ is a play on words. You’ve heard of Proof of Life, well this is about the ‘Truth’ of Life. I was a troublemaker as a kid/teen. Constantly staying in trouble at school and with the law. Thank God I had Christian grandparents who raised me, and prayed for me unrelentingly. They would pray, ‘whatever it takes Lord’.

I begged them to stop. I couldn’t get away with anything! Well, praise God they didn’t! Like the chorus says, ‘You may not see it, but you can be it. You can be what He made you to be’, that’s a result of their prayers.”

After 25 years of playing guitar, drums, and bass in various bands, and not having even one decent recording, David reached out to Dylan McLain (Relentless Flood) at Evolve Studios in Statesville, NC, and they started recording. With David’s creative writing, and Dylan producing, they brought to life a mix of 90’s grunge, early 00’s nu-metal, and some of today’s style of hard rock/metal meets rap core.

In January of 2022, Red Letter Rising signed with Broadhead Music Group. Then in February David brought on Luke DeMoss on guitar, and Dave Rourke on drums. Expect to see Red Letter Rising performing live and the release of ‘Echoes of Eden‘ in 2022!

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Source: Louder Than The Music